Fall Break in the Mountains 2021 | Mommy and Me Monday | 608th ed


We made it to Fall Break! We didn’t make plans until like a week before the actual break, but we were able to make some plans and get out of the metro area for a few days.

We started our journey and went a little out of the way to play in Helen, Georgia. This is where you go if you want to experience Oktoberfest (which we forgot about) and get a ton of different homemade candies.

They also have a pretty epic playground area. Look how little they were the last time we went to that same playground. Oh, and when there were only two of them, look how little the oldest two were in only the 41st edition of Mommy and Me Monday

helen georgia mommy and me monday at the playground

We hung out, checked out the festival and got some tasty snacks. Then we were on our way to Dillard, Georgia and our Chalet. Yes, the same place we went for Spring Break, but a different Chalet aka cabin. 

After Mr. Serious grilled dinner, we left the coals going and made some s’mores. We’ve decided, it’s almost impossible to eat a s’more without getting it on your face. (But, full confession…I rubbed it on my lips, it wasn’t impossible for me!)

dillard georgia mommy and me monday with smores

The horseback riding we did this spring break really left an impression on the girls, so we decided to do an hour long ride again. This time we were able to spend a little time with the horses walking in the water. We only got a little bit wet. 

(Don’t let my smile trick you…there were a lot of scenarios going through my head this whole time. Thankfully, none of those played out!)

dillard georgia horseback riding

We then needed to find a flatter place for the girls to do their cross country practice. Yes, they run on their breaks, too. 

A quick search later and I found a playground that had a running path. E and B and I hung back on the playground while the oldest got her long run in with Mr. Serious.

N and I did do a little walking and mapping out the path. Oh, and when Mr. Serious was spent, N did the last repeat with the oldest. 

The next day, the oldest two woke up early and got in their runs. Yes, they set alarms! Then, we were off to Asheville, North Carolina for lunch and a tour of the Biltmore Estate. 

We made it to the Biltmore Estate in time for our tour. And we even had a chance to stop in front to grab a picture. It’s like a castle in the US!

biltmore estate mommy and me monday

We did the self-guided tour and listened to every room’s prompts. We figured we saw about 10-15% of the house! And while the self-guided tour was nice, we wish that we would have had a tour guide to ask follow-up questions. 

This is the room where the Vanderbilt family hid paintings for the US during war time. 

inside biltmore estate mommy and me monday

There isn’t really anything remotely near the Biltmore Estate so ever view is unobstructed mountains and green space (and their gardens). I think I could wake up to this view everyday. 

biltmore estate balcony mommy and me monday

Towards the end of the tour, you go through a “painted by guests” storage room. The Vanderbilts had some pretty talented friends!

If this picture isn’t real life as parents, I’m not sure what is!

biltmore estate storage room

We grabbed one more group shot (B didn’t want to participate) before heading over to the gardens to check them out. 

biltmore estate out front mommy and me monday

After the gardens, we hit up the Biltmore Dairy. Apparently the ice cream was very tasty and they are well known for it. I did make some girls bellies a little happier. 

On our way home, we decided we needed to have one family hike, so we went to Black Rock Mountain to do a 2.2 mile loop. 

The trail wasn’t too hard and the views were spectacular. We were above the clouds for most of the hike and enjoys some pretty overlooks and photo spots. 

black rock mountain mommy and me monday

When you find a sign that tells you that you are at the Eastern Continental Divide, you have to stop for a picture and pop your leg!

black rock mountain eastern continental divide mommy and me monday

Later in the week, B wanted to do some water balloons on the trampoline. Her sisters weren’t having it and I was taking them to a running practice. When I got back, I filled the balloons and we had a battle. 

Every single balloon she threw at me was with all of her strength and even a grunt. I think she was trying to leave a bruise on me! She wasn’t messing around and got me really good a couple times!

trampoline water balloon fight mommy and me monday

That was our break. A little away time, a little running and a little resting. 

Rounding out the week with grocery shopping probably wasn’t the best, but I guess we have to all eat. And before we knew it, it was time to set alarms and get off to school again. Here’s to Thanksgiving Break!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Your family’s spring break looks way more relaxing than mine…lol Glad you guys had fun.

    1. We did try to go with a little more relaxing trip for fall break. But there was still running and hiking and lots of walking. However, I didn’t set any morning alarms:)

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