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Early release week is always interesting. The kids have their days crammed and we end up having pickups at two different schools within 20 minutes. It’s always fun. And, we have full afternoons together. This usually means we go and run errands together. I decided before heading out of town that one of those errands would be flu shots. (Don’t @ me…you do you, and we’ll do us!).

waiting mommy and me monday

Despite making appointments for all of the girls (I already had my shot), we still ended up waiting 40 minutes at the Minute Clinic. I’ve now dubbed it the 40 minute clinic. Yes, I’ve talked to them. And their reason wasn’t really a logical reason. So, we distracted ourself with some pictures.

Finally, we were called into the office and got our shots. Every year I say Mr. Serious is going to have to bring them, and every year I end up doing it.

I told them they could each get a treat after their shots as bribes. Yep, parenting still means a bribe sometimes. I sure got myself something too.

bribes for mommy and me monday.jpg

Then it was time for me to fly to Houston and hang out with my nieces for a few days. They are pretty darn cute and fun. We did walks to school just like home. And walks for pickup. And drives to daycare. And dinners. And cinnamon rolls. And packed lunches. And all of the things.

I usually forget to get a picture with them, but they all willingly hopped into my lap!

I asked Mr. Serious if could keep them.

He said they are cute, but no.

My sister said no, too.

They are mean!

Mommy and Me Monday with the Nieces

This week should be a week of more routine, and I’m pretty thankful for it! I feel like the first half of October has flown by.

What did you do this week?

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  1. I remember those days where I had to run and pick up kids within 15 minutes of each other’s time and place lol. Funny thing is I do miss them, of course I still do that but they are all in their teen years so it’s not as easy to make them agree to my crazy methods lol.

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