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This past week took, we took every day head on and then some. As I sit at my desk Sunday evening, I wonder why I’m exhausted. I know I sat down at some points, but the amount of pink blocked off on our calendar says otherwise.

Monday, I took the girls to the Georgia Aquarium for a behind the scenes tour…more on that later. B really wanted to see the penguins and we also went to the Dolphin show, too.

Mommy and Me Monday

Monday evening, I totally dropped the ball and forgot about going to see a movie with a friend, but we made it just in time.

Tuesday, we spent some time at the YMCA so I could get a much needed workout in, then we ran the oldest to have a tooth that was loose but wasn’t budging pulled. Before we knew it, it was time to head to meet Mr. Serious for dinner downtown and catch a screening of Despicable Me 3.

minions 3

It was a great addition to the franchise and I would definitely encourage you to see it. It was B’s first movie experience and she did really well as did her sisters.

minions 3

Wednesday, Mr. Serious worked from home so I could hit an appointment. I didn’t get to go to the gym, but I made no excuses. While the littles napped, the bigs asked to go the pool. I decided to pull up some workout videos on YouTube (Fitness Blender if you are looking for something) and did an hour workout while they swam. It was great because I could listen to the workout and keep my eyes on them too.

poolside workout

The oldest had asked from some much needed one-on-one time with me. So, after dinner we ran out and got her a haircut that she had been asking for, grabbed a couple things for a cooking project from the grocery store and then went and had some froyo. Judging by the number of thank yous I received, I realized I need to do this way more often.

solo time with my big

Thursday we went to the YMCA and the girls and I did a youth class together, I delivered some LipSense to a customer, we had a quick lunch and then some friends came over to paint some rocks to hide. It was fun hanging out with them and seeing the different creations the girls and boys made. My favorite was a TMNT I painted. We also made some delicious Thai Basil Rolls that were devoured.

Rock painting.jpg

Then it was off to an extra day of karate for the oldest two that are looking to advance to the next belt. Which I think means I’m about to be a 5 day a week karate mom.

Friday. My calendar is empty and yet I know we were doing things. I think I had another LipSense customer delivery and we spent some time at the YMCA. Then we came home and had lunch when I realized I had no idea when the kids last showered or bathed. So, it was showers for everybody. Nothing says fun like showering with a 3 and 5 year old, but we did it. There were some short naps and another evening of karate after I got dinner ready for our return.

This time, B and I had to head to the store (yes, again) because I forgot dishwasher tabs and we were completely out. She decided she would smile later when she realized she got a small cookie at the store.

grocery trip with B.jpg

Whew! Being camp counselor is exhausting! This week, we have family in town and then we head out on our Carnival Cruise!! Happy Fourth of July this week!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Sounds like a very fun & full week! Hope you all are having a blast on your cruise and that you’re able to relax a little. 🙂

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