Koala Adventure Indoor Playground Discount and Review (EZPlay Discount Code)


You might have recently noticed that we converted our garage to a gym, but what you might have missed is that we also now have a place where the girls can play in our gym, too. The Koala Adventure indoor playground is perfect for our space because we can pack it up when we use the gym, and set it out for them.

Koala Adventure Indoor Playground

Why Koala Adventure Indoor Playground

Kids need to play. They need to move around and be free. I’d love to send them outside all of the time, but we can’t always send them (hello Fall Break where it has rained every single day!). Having an indoor playground helps them still play while not having to worry about the weather.

The great thing about the Koala Adventure Indoor Playground is that we have to undo a couple screws (with handles) and we can take everything down (except the one section bolted to the wall). So we can still have our space as well as let the kids use the space when we aren’t.

The Koala Adventure kids wooden playset has a recommended age of 4-10 years old and comes with an assortment of accessories. And a weight limit of 120 pounds.

All playing koala adventures

The Setup

Installing the Koala Adventure Indoor Playground requires four heavy duty screws going into studs. Using a stud locator, we found our two studs, and marked them on the wall. Once we had them marked, we predrilled holes and then we we were ready for the main part to be attached to the wall.

After that it was putting all of the pieces together which required a screwdriver and the included Allen Wrenches. It took us maybe 2 hours to complete the entire installation and setup. It allows for two height settings.

The High Setting has the dimensions 63W x 73H x 37D and the Low Setting is 63W x 57H x 37D. Since we have taller kids, we opted for the HIGH height setting. Even our shorter 4 year old can do everything she wants on it with ease.

Koala adventure set up 2

The Playing

The Koala Adventure is the largest kids playlet offered by EZ Play toys. Included in the playing options are the playset frame (with monkey bars), a wooden ladder, rope ladder, wooden slide, gymnastic rings, swing/trapeze, and climbing rope. All of the wooden parts are made from sturdy, splinter-free Ash wood.

One of the favorites with the kids is the monkey bars.

koala adventures indoor playground.png

Even the four year old has figured out the monkey bars! She liked landing at the end, too because she can perch herself and climb down the rope ladder wall.

Money bars 2 koala adventures

You can see we’ve also attached the climbing rope as the girls requested it. Each of the accessories has to be hand tied onto the play set, and they decided less is more. That is until their sister thought it would be fun to hand up the rope climbing ladder. We wanted to keep it clear of the monkey bars! Admittedly, hand tying them is a bit nerve wracking! Even though it comes with tying directions, it makes me nervous knowing my knot has to hold them up.

Setting up rope ladder

The slide is also very popular. There is a smaller ladder opposite the side that takes you to the landing. Since the landing is also used as a place to enter or exit the monkey bars, it doesn’t have an edge. Children need to use caution here and be aware that there isn’t a side. Also, you can change the slide and ladders to opposite sides if that works better in your space.

Sisters sisters sliding koala adventure

Hanging and lightly swinging from the climbing rope is also very popular. They see how long they can hang on it as well as if they can climb up and down. I’m so impressed with how strong they are!

sisters sliding koala adventure

Koala Adventure Discount code:

Head to their site and use code EZPLAYSERIOUS at checkout for for 10% off. It comes in both natural wood and vibrant colors. You can purchase it for $599 and it includes free shipping. Use EZPLAYSERIOUS to save $59.90!

We really like the Koala Adventure Indoor Playground because the kids have a blast on it. It has shown them how strong and confident they can be with their play and exercise. They now can play even if the weather is bad and we can pack it up and workout in the same space!

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  1. This thing looks like so much fun! The garage play / workout area is fantastic!

    1. I’m going to petition them to make one for grown ups that is bigger. It’d be like a Ninja Warrior gym!

  2. Pat Chance says:

    This is very cool – great idea for a garage or basement

  3. The website is only giving me a 6 percent discount with your code on the smaller set. It went from 419 to 394.

    1. Hi Nancy-

      I believe the 10% was for the bigger set. I didn’t even realize the code worked on the smaller one. Hope the 6% still excites you to purchase.

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