How to use a trampoline at a birthday party


We have a lot of girls. We have a lot of birthday parties. We prefer to have them at our house so we have more space, can do what we want and have a looser time schedule. We also like to have the parties outdoors and so far, we’ve had great weather every time! When possible, we like to be outside. We’ve even uploaded some outdoor fun pictures in conjunction with our partner, Springfree Trampoline to instagram and twitter using #tgomatime to show our family’s outdoor fun.

You should upload some of your outdoor family favorites, too to social media with #tgomatime!

using a trampoline and tgoma at a birthday party

So, the parties. Often we have a lot of little kids around doing a lot of different things. With a trampoline, it could be a concern that they all want to get on it at the same time. For safety, there should only be one person at a time on the trampoline. We decided to come up with a way to involve all of the kids and offer a fun game out of it. After setting up the tgoma system, with our Springfree trampoline and exploring the games, we thought it would be fun to use a game to determine where kids would be placed in the piñata line. We’ve used the tgoma system with our family to jump our way to dinner plans with success, so we thought the kids would love it, too.

How to use a trampoline + tgnoma at a birthday party

1. Plan the Game

Decide which game your party guests will most enjoy and have everybody play that game. (Depending on the number of guests, that might also determine the game so kids aren’t jumping for 10 minutes each). FreeBounce can also work well and you can count the number of jumps during a certain time period.

Explain how the game will work to the kids; how long will they get or will they play until the game is over? what happens after you get a score? to whom should they tell their score?

Here’s what we did:

  • We set the tgoma game to “FreeBounce” and told the kids to have a session on the trampoline before piñata time.
  • Had the kids bounce for 2 minutes and let the adult know how many jumps the tgoma reported during those two minutes.
  • After their 2 minutes were up, find a friend that hadn’t been on the trampoline and have them jump for two minutes.
  • See below for what we did with those results.

2. Have a supervisor

Have an adult that will help circulate the jumpers in and out of the trampoline as well as record the scores for each child. This will help things run smoothly and hopefully distract from any “turn” issues.

How to use a trampoline at a birthday party

3. Other options

It is good to have some other options for the kids. You might have some that don’t want to jump on a trampoline (I know, I know). It is also good to have something to occupy the other children who aren’t jumping. It might be a simple as standing around the outside of the trampoline and cheering people on, or having some other games or a swing set. The key here is that there are many options and much flexibility.

using a trampoline and tgoma at a birthday party

4. The “prize”

The piñata is the prize. The fun part is determining the order in which the kids will get to hit the piñata. Once the kids that want to jump have jumped, they are lined up in order of most to least jumps to have a turn with the piñata. Of course, the kids that didn’t want to jump still get a turn with the piñata, too. And, everybody gets to collect what’s inside of it.

using a trampoline and tgoma at a birthday party

When the piñata is hit open, the kids, of course, can go back to the trampoline and pick their game of choice for more jumping and tgoma-ing.

The kids love the element of competition, but still getting a fun prize at the end and cheering everybody on!

How does your family incorporate outside play time?

Do you play outside for birthday parties?

Make sure you share your pictures with #tgomatime!

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  1. I think the best birthday parties are made outside, especially with a trampoline in your yard :). Nothing defeats the fresh air and suns warm.

  2. Pat Chance says:

    what a great idea.

  3. We incorporate outside play time by making daily trips to our local park down the street!

  4. Heather S says:

    Great ideas/tips! I always made our off limits at parties but you have me re-considering it 🙂

  5. Oh I love the “whoever jumps the most can have a pinata turn first” prize – everyone still wins but it’s a great incentive! 🙂

  6. Looks like a fun birthday party with lots of fun things to keep the kids busy! Great tips, too!

  7. We bought a trampoline a few years ago. It definitely comes in hand for birthday parties to keep the kids occupied and having fun.

  8. shannon fowler says:

    i remember my friends doing something similar when i was little. i never had a trampoline so i really enjoyed it

  9. Awesome idea Krystyn, I love it

  10. Alden Smith says:

    what a great idea!! Thanks for sharing this information.

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