Jump Your Way to Dinner Plans



We’ve been jumping like crazy at our house. The Springfree trampoline with the tgoma gaming system has been a huge hit. The girls sometimes are just out there bouncing and jumping to their hearts content. Other times, they like to use the tablet (hey, mom is letting me use the tablet???!) and the tgoma gaming system to play a trampoline game.

Jumping to plan our dinner menu

We decided to take these games to the next level and have everybody compete against themselves to help make dinner plans. Here’s how it works.

Jump your way to dinner plans

1. Each person picks a game and plays the game and collects a score/number of jumps/highest jumps, etc.

2. Decide on a measuring time frame and have the kids do at least one more jumping session.

3. During that time frame, if the person achieves a higher score/number of jumps or whatever you choose to use to measure during their jumping session, then they get to help with dinner planning. (It’s very easy to use the app’s JumpTracker to see results for each game, or look into each game individually to see how you will measure!)

4. When it’s time for us to meal plan, each child that achieved a higher score, etc, gets to pick a meal for the family to eat during the week.

Jump Your Way to Dinner Plans

The idea here is that kids are competing against themselves with each trampoline session. We could have them compete against each other, but we decided to have them compete against themselves to health and fitness wins.

Our kids love to help plan meals during the week. Sometimes it’s not always feasible and sometimes we have to veto a meal, but with this plan, when they know it’s a week that their score allows them to help plan dinner, they are even more excited to jump and beat their own scores.

With seven different game choices, everybody in the family is sure to find one that is their favorite and is appropriate for their age level.

jump to plan your dinner menu

Stickers: Stickers is a free-play app for young jumpers. Jump around the trampoline to make colorful stickers onscreen. Sound effects and imagery make this an enchanting app for wee ones. Stickers gets them jumping for joy.

Whatzat?: Jump to reveal a roaring dinosaur, a farmyard animal, a vehicle, or a cute kitten. Adorable pictures and sounds provide hours of fun for young jumpers. Extend creativity by inventing new ways to play… “Do Duck-Cow-Duck”, or “Collect all the dinosaurs”

Math Hopper: Math Hopper is a perfect introduction to math, with 10 levels ranging from counting, addition and subtraction, to multiplication. Movement unlocks the brain and Math Hopper is exer-learning at its very best!

Alien Stomp: Twenty levels of alien-stomping fun! Be quick, these aliens disappear as fast as they appear. Stomp yourself to a new high score, but have you beaten a jumper on the other side of the world? Check the global leader board to find out!

Fruitants: With grumpy grapes, silly strawberries and mad melons… make sure you juice them before they juice you! How far will you get through this crazy fruit salad of a game? You’ll be engaged for hours.

2048: Exercise the body AND the brain! Bump tiles together to double them… keep jumping and combining tiles, right up to 2048. This classic game is even better on a trampoline!

tgomaFIT: Exercise along with a professional trampoline coach, and watch your calories burn in real-time. Choose from 26 trampoline exercises, or select a pre-set workout (Core Workout, Aerobic Fit, etc). Forget the gym, everything you need is in your backyard.

What’s a way that you offer incentive for your children to do something? Do you make a competition? Do you have individual goals for them?
Upload a picture to social media using #tgomatime and show how your family enjoys outdoor time.

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  1. 2408 is hard enough for me! 😉 I have a feeling Red would be at home stomping aliens! Especially with his outer space Star Wars kick.

  2. Pat Chance says:

    what a great idea.

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