My sassy little divas (and me)


One of our Spring Break adventures was to go to a studio and get pictures of the girls.

It was so much fun.  For all of us.

#1 2

Deana Levine did an amazing job.

photoshoot nat

That’s an understatement.

I don’t even know how she got the girls to have so much fun and yet look like them.

#1 1 photoshoot izzy

And, she has a special gift.  She would just take them, their arms, their heads, and put them where she wanted them…and they stayed there.

#21 #22

And, they listened to her directions and did what they were told.

Deana, want to move in?

So, if you are looking for a photographer check out Atlanta’s Deana Levine’s Photography.

Oh, and the (and me) part…here’s the video of me.  On TV if you didn’t get to see it yesterday. Join the Conversation:



I’m linking up here.  Go and visit their Wordful and Wordless Wednesdays.

Wordish Wednesday image

Deana did a complimentary photoshoot for my family.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. those pictures are all sorts of awesome!! seriously how are you going to pick??

    one of each please 🙂

  2. These are seriously SO cute!! I love them! I mean she had good models to work with but WOW! Too cute! 😀

    1. Thanks, Patrice. Yeah, she had good models, but it’s tough to get those shots so people can see them how I do.

  3. p.s. just watched your TV debut!! So cool you get to be a part of that! I loved hearing your voice! It was almost like meeting you IRL!

  4. Yay you! Way to go. And the pics of your girls are so adorable!

  5. My jaw dropped to the floor over those pictures!! OMG!! They are so perfect! Please tell me you got them in HUGE prints and professionally framed?

    Yay for TV!! Life With Lisa featured you on her blog’s WW when you hung out with the ATL moms for BK and Hop, fun times! Sounds like ATL is the place to be if you are a mom blogger. Me? I’m like the only one in my parts. I gotta drive 2 hours to Kansas City if I wanna be in something LOL

    Loved this! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    1. If only I had the money for all of that. I sure would love it.

      It is a pretty hopping mom blog place. If only it was good for working mom bloggers, too!

  6. Oh my gosh those pictures of the girls are just so wonderful. You’re right, she DOES have a gift. But then the subjects are so cute too!

    And YAY Krystyn! I’m so proud of you and happy for your new venture. What a great opportunity. And now I’m going to need your autograph… 😉

    1. Well, thanks, Elaine. I think my kids just listen to other adults better than me!

      I’ll send my autograph for the low price of $20….just kidding:) I’m very excited about the new venture.

  7. Oh my goodness! Really adorable pictures!!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are GORGEOUS! Those girls of yours are so beautiful!

    1. It was so hard to pick my favorites (there were about 70 more to pick from!)

    1. Thanks, L. It was very cool! And, hopefully, people really enjoy the site.

    1. Thanks, Lindsay. It was actually hard for me to watch myself….weird, right?

  9. Mr Serious says:

    I love the pictures! It’s gonna be time to update the frames in the house soon

  10. What amazing pictures!! I always enjoy seeing pictures of kids having so much fun while taking professional photos! Gorgeous girls!

    1. It really was amazing how much fun they had, and just turned on their best smiles for her.

  11. WOW!!! Great photos!! Looks like your photographer was really able to capture their personality, which in my opinion is so hard some times.

  12. I thought I left a comment earlier saying how much I liked your pics and that Deana rocks! I guess I didn’t submit it…anyway glad to spend some time with you this weekend!

    1. You did:) I think you went into moderation for your first comment:)

      It was a lot of fun! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other.

      Are you going to bloggybootcamp?

  13. Love the photos! Such cute divas!

    Loved the video, too! What a great interview piece. You are so cute, so real and down to earth, just like your blog. 🙂

    That first mom “run wifey run” stole my schtick. What another mom on the run?! Who would have thought? lol

    1. Aww…thanks so much! I try to be “me!”

      I think there’s room for two moms on the move:) And, on the run!

  14. One – LOVE the pictures of the girls, they look exactly how I imagine their personalities are!

    Two- congrats!! You look and sounded great. I’m so excited for you and your new adventure!

  15. So much fun! Looks like MY kind of day! My comp is being glitchy, I’m going to keep trying to watch it!

    1. It really was fun!

      I hope you were able to get the video to load.

    1. It’s amazing to me how much they are growing up…and so quickly.

  16. omg – so strange to actually hear your voice! Good job on the show Krsytyn! You were so poised & comfortable! And the pics of the girls are just precious! My fav is the one of Nat with the polka dot background….edible! Hugs to you – hope your week is going well!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa.

      It’s funny, I don’t even sound like me to me.

      And, I know, I could totally eat her up..if only she was always that cute.

  17. These pics are amazing! LOVE them! Congrats on being on TV too! How awesome!

    1. Thanks, Jen. Makes me feel a little inferior with my pictures…but I just love these so much. You should see the other 70!

  18. Super cute photos…love the colors!! My niece also has bright red hair like your girls. And great video from fox….im sure you ladies will benefit lots of other atl moms such as myself! =)

    1. Thank you!

      And, I hope you are enjoying the site. Let us know if you have any recommendations for posts!

  19. Oh how awesome! and fun too. Loved seeing you on TV.

    And those pictures of your girls! ADORABLE!!!! LOVING the final pic of your littlest with the boa on her head. Her expression is priceless 🙂

    1. Thanks. It was quite the experience!

      She has a very certain look to her, doesn’t she?

      (Your post on your son and “hard to admit” is just perfect! I imagine it was very hard to come to terms with it and see past the autism. You are a wonderful mom!)

  20. Awesome! congrats!!! the pics of the girls are soo cute!

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