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Now more than ever, kids are needing a release of all of their energy. Keeping them active and engaged during a historic time is definitely challenging, but a trampoline in the backyard helps so much! There could not have been a better time for JumpSport to gift us this trampoline! I knew it would be fun, but I did not imagine it would be the first thing the girls want to do when they wake up…every.single day! We jump and jump and jump!

jumping with jumpsport trampoline

Ordering and shipping from JumpSport

Once my order was placed I received constant up to date notifications. That was helpful as the boxes are big and rather heavy. Our UPS driver enlisted my husband to help unload the boxes and I think it’s helpful to be home and help if you’re able. I was pleasantly surprised to see the boxes were plain brown and did not have pictures, images or JUMPSPORT printed on the side which allows you to easily keep it a surprise for your kids. In my opinion, it is best to surprise them or they WILL ask you every 3 minutes if they can jump now. (video of boxes in the garage??????)

Jumpsport Trampoline boxes

Assembling JumpSport Trampoline

The assembly of the JumpSport SkyBounce XPS 14′ Trampoline with enclosure is not difficult but you will need two people. They suggest it and I strongly agree two people can easily assemble it. There may be some real go-getters that could assemble it alone, but it was actually fun working on it with my dad and husband.

jumpsport trampoline parts box 2

I was pleasantly surprised to learn no tools would be required to assemble the trampoline! Woohoo!! That is my kind of project. A ladder is suggested but I guess being 5’ 8” has its perks and a ladder was not needed. 

After we moved the boxes to the backyard, on a chilly but nice and sunny day, we began to assemble the trampoline. There are written directions along with diagrams, as well as videos on the Jumpsport website.

jumpsport trampoline parts all out

It was helpful to watch the video right before we did each step, then use the written directions as a guide. The videos are broken down into small steps and give little tips throughout. The tips in the instructional videos take the guesswork out of the order in which to move along with the assembly. 

putting together jumpsport trampoline

Also, we definitely recommend the SureStep Tramploline ladder. It makes it a lot easier for the kids to get to the trampoline height. 

JumpSport Customer Service

Unfortunately, one of the boxes was damaged during shipment and the trampoline was missing a leg. We did not know it was missing until we began assembling it and I called customer service. Customer service was easy to contact, incredibly helpful with ensuring I was shipped the correct missing part and apologetic…even though things like shipping errors happened! We had to stop the assembly and wait for the part to arrive. Our 4 year old asked every day for us to ‘please put the black thing on so I can jump!’ and it was good to let us know the kids we super excited to have a trampoline. They didn’t care it wouldn’t be a surprise, they were excited to have it!

putting jumpsport trampoline together

Once the missing leg arrived, we finished assembling the trampoline. Since I had changed assembly partners and my husband was helping we watched the videos again and used the written instructions to double check anything the video missed. There were a few times we had to pause and discuss what the video and written directions meant as they did not align 100% with the trampoline we were gifted. But, they are clear enough that we had it assembled and ready within two hours!

jumpsport trampoline assembled

I think my oldest was pretty surprised and excited when she got home from school!

Excited to see trampoline

JumpSport trampolines for the whole family

If I had known how much our entire family would enjoy the trampoline I would have tried to get us one sooner. Now that we have it we all use it!

jumping on jumpsport trampoline

Creative trampoline games

Jamming Jamming

The kids love to play games on it and their favorite game is ‘Jamming Jamming’ (they completely made it up on their own!) It’s pretty simple and fun to play. One person lays down on the trampoline while the other people are on the ground. The people on the ground sing ‘Jamming Jamming come alive, come alive when I count to five! 1 2 3 4 5 come alive!’ The person on the trampoline then jumps up as fast as they can and does 5 big jumps while counting ‘1 2 3 4 5!’ After their 5 big jumps they come down and the next person has their turn. 

One song, one jump

Another favorite activity is to pick their favorite movie soundtrack to play on the outdoor speaker. One person gets to jump during an entire song, they climb down and another person gets to jump to a sing. It helps them share and also gives them time to get water and rest. 

jumping on trampoline


The trampoline is an excellent cardio workout for kids and adults! I have set the timer on my phone and jumped continuously for 5 minutes. It’s a great addition to a HIIT workout and 5 minutes of jumping will get your heart pumping and your forehead sweating. It’s also fun and a different workout. Plus, it’s so nice to be outside in the fresh air. 

Em jumping There are a lot of fun ways to play games with a trampoline. Check out these fun minute to win it games

About JumpSport SkyBounce XPS 14′ Trampoline with enclosure

The JumpSport SkyBounce XPS Trampoline upgrades the SkyBounce ES Trampoline by adding an additional safety strap for a longer lasting safety enclosure and increasing the weight of the PVC covering on the pad. These advancements provide you with our best warranty in the Basic line.

  • Wide diameter springs provide a smoother bounce for all ages
  • Tall frame for deep, smooth bounce
  • Permatron® Mat fabric made in the USA
  • Frame/spring pad: EPE closed-cell foam with extra thick, UV resistant PVC covering


  • Woven net: Increased strength and durability compared to mesh nets
  • Additional safety strap improves enclosure responsiveness and longevity
  • Patented Overlapping Entry: There’s nothing to open or close, just slip through the overlap and you’re in!
  • Enclosure poles covered with UV protected foam.

JumpSport Trampoline Safety

JumpSport knows that parents have cheaper options. When buying a trampoline, make sure that:

Patented safety features – a commitment to patenting an idea shows how committed a company is to safety
Quality materials – manufacturers often cut corners on the thickness of safety nets and steel to save money
Performance indicators – look for a high count of long, wide-barrel springs and enough mat space to move around freely
Long warranties – a trampoline shouldn’t fall apart within the first year of use
Strong customer reviews – look for reviews that talk about how long their trampoline and net have lasted

What are you waiting for? Get a JumpSport Trampoline already!

I give the trampoline five out of five stars for its quality, ease of assembly, customer service communication and JOY it has brought our family. You will not regret adding a JumpSport trampoline to your yard!

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