7 Reasons Springfree Trampoline makes the perfect holiday gift for the whole family


It’s coming to holiday gift planning time at our house…who am I kidding…these kids have had lists since August! But, the grown-ups are planning. Part of our planning is figuring out gifts that will cover the range of kids in our family (4-12) and maybe even the adults. Travel has been on our list before and that’s fun, but it’s nice to have something the family can enjoy year round. Something that has been fun for our whole family is a a trampoline with our blog partner and sponsor Springfree Trampoline. So, kids, parents, maybe you need to present this list of 7 reasons Springfree Trampoline makes the perfect holiday gift for the whole family.


1. Everybody can jump

Parents, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, almost everybody can enjoy jumping, bouncing and playing on a Springfree Trampoline. For kids and parents alike, jumping gives an endorphin boost to de-stress. And for parents, they get a happy hormone boost and it helps moms and dads tap into simple childhood pleasure. Your family can even use it as a way to jump to dinner plans.

2. Do fun things with a trampoline that aren’t jumping

Sure, trampolines were made for jumping, but that’s not all you can do! You can have a movie night, draw on it with chalk and other year round non-jumping fun. You can actually find 50 ways to use your trampoline that you might not think of….just fueling the gift reasoning fire.

3. Fun and safe playtime outside

It’s hard not to have fun when you are jumping around. But it’s also good to know that it’s safe, too. We need that reassurance. Springfree Trampoline has been tested as safe with no springs, a FlexiNet Enclosure, a hidden frame and SoftEdge Mat, they really designed it with safety in mind.

4. Year-round fun

It doesn’t have to be 80F and sunny for you to enjoy your trampoline. You can enjoy it at all times of year! When it started snowing, the first thing our girls wanted to do when then went outside was jump on the trampoline in the snow.

5. It’s not “stuff” in your house

We are really trying to limite the “stuff” in our house. It’s so easy to pick out toys and goodies for kids, but they fill the house quickly. A Springfree Trampoline doesn’t go in the house! And it since it’s a gift for all, it’s one gift for everybody = less “stuff!”

6. Encourages play with friends

You should only have one person jumping on a trampoline at a time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t creatively play with a trampoline activity with more than one person. Our Springfree Trampoline gets our kids inviting their friend to come over and play with them. Before we had our trampoline, they weren’t really interested in friends coming over.

7. Your backyard becomes the place where all of the kids want to hangout and play

I’ve always wanted to be the house the kids want to come to play. Not only do friends come over, but the girls and our entire family have actually gotten to know more kids in our neighborhood because they want to come to our backyard and play in the trampoline. We’ve got our own little backyard community.

A Springfree Trampoline really makes the perfect holiday gift for the whole family. Do you think your family would like it as much as we like ours? Springfree has a great Black Friday deal going on. Learn more here (for local Atlanta friends) and here (for friends in other parts of the U.S.)!

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  1. Margaret Rodriguez says:

    Really, Springfree Trampoline is the best gift for any whole family. I personally purchased a 16` ft rectangular trampoline 2 years ago and almost whole family jumped on it daily and still it is in good position. No doubt we have lifetime guarantee on it. Rather this, a fully enclosed netting provides a fantastic safety feature.

  2. Derek Davis says:

    Great article on why a trampoline makes the perfect holiday gift for the entire family! I was glad to see trampolines were included in the fun. In addition to the specific trampoline, and points you mentioned, trampolines also improve motor skills, and can function as a tent, and an active basketball court just to name a few. There are also other American made trampoline manufacturers that produce safe products and should be included in the discussion.

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