13 Fun Summer Activities to do with the Family with Devices Under Control


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Comcast. Personal story and thoughts are my own.

We are lucky that our household is not overly consumed with personal device usage. The kids have e-readers. That’s it.

Although, the idea of being able to disconnect them from their devices (or honestly, even myself or Mr. Serious), is pretty sweet.

13 Fun Summer Activities to do with the Family

Comcast recently introduced Xfinity xFi, a new way to make the home Wi-Fi experience personalized to the family, and help maximize quality time and control Internet usage. This new feature is available to Comcast Internet customers that are leasing certain routers, at no additional cost.

Xfinity xFi parental controls

For example, parents can (on profile level of a child, device level or all devices):

  • Pause Wi-Fi access during scheduled intervals like dinnertime or bedtime, or with a quick tap during a timeout
  • Set parental controls and see what devices are connected –and easily add/remove devices
  • Find or change their password

Xfinity xFi app mobile general

So, now that I have these Wi-Fi controlling powers, I thought I would come up with a list of 13 fun things to do now that I have control of all the devices.

  1. Play dominoes (or any other board or card game) on the porch
  2. Throw a ball and see how many consecutive catches you can get
  3. Family trip to the pool
  4. Play in the backyard: blow bubbles, sprinkler, trampoline, water gun fight, water balloon fight
  5. Rewrite the words to a popular song…then sing it together
  6. Have a dance party
  7. Color a picture together with sidewalk chalk
  8. Build paper airplanes and see which one goes the furthest
  9. Cook a meal together using a new recipe or teaching an old one
  10. Have a Hula Hoop competition. Who can go the longest?
  11. Play hopscotch or four-square in the driveway
  12. Fly a kite
  13. Have a picnic

A bonus, is that the kids will likely be paying more attention to your voice, so getting them to come to dinner should be a breeze!

What would you do with yourself and your family if you had the ability to pause Wi-Fi access? Or set parental controls for one of your children? Or even remove devices completely from your network?

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