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Mr. Serious has been working his tail off at his job. Which means that we all haven’t seen him as much. And we sort of like seeing him. There have been quite a few dinners with just the girls leaving the adults in a bit of a funk.

And, the girls missing their daddy.

Hasbro sent us some Super Soakers to test out at a group picnic later this summer, but, well, you can’t leave Super Soakers sitting in a box unattended. So, we came up with something to cheer daddy up when he got home. (I saw this many moons ago on my friend Amber’s Instagram feed with her boys.)

We loaded our Super Soakers and found hiding places in the backyard and left them ready to go. Then we filled one up for Mr. Serious, put a note on it and left in right where we knew he would see it. When we heard the garage open, we all ran with our water guns to our hiding spots and waited patiently for him.

watergun battle

That was a long wait!

We heard him sneaking out the door to the backyard, and we got him! Three of our Super Soakers to his one Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Soaker just wasn’t quite enough. Of course, he got us pretty good too!

There are no during-the-attack pictures, but the post-attack shots speak for themselves, I think. They were drenched. 

How to cheer daddy up

I got pretty wet, too, but mostly my head because Mr. Serious doesn’t play by the no-shooting-water-in-the-face rule. (Yes, B was along for the ride. She had to participate, too. And, E well, she was still sleeping.)

We’re pretty intimidating, right?

How to cheer daddy up

Last minute, I decided to rewrite the note because it was hard to see the pen in the hallway. Mr. Serious left the note on his Super Soaker. It was in the battle, too.

super soaker attack

These super soakers are way easier to use than the ones of our day. You just pump to fire for a long range blast from up to 35 feet away. Most of them have multiple sprayers for maximum soakage. They are definitely going to be a hit again with our lake day coming up next month!

Since my handwritten, last-minute note was so sloppy, I thought I’d put together a printable (set to be 6” x 4”) that you can grab and print out. This shouldn’t be hard to miss and should make your life easier for you to plan your Super Soaker attack.

{click the image or the link to enlarge, save and print}

watergun fight


*Thank you to HASBRO for sending the Super Soakers. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

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  1. How FUN!!!!! What a neat idea. I love that B was able to participate as well. i bet she loved it. The girls look fierce!

  2. How fun! My kid would love to do this to his Daddy. Looks like we will be buying some Super Soakers soon!!

  3. mrs. hils says:

    What a good sport Mr. Serious is. Guess his work clothes were going to need washing anyway-nice that you all could take care of that for him! You inspired me to get a couple soakers to help us survive summer. 🙂

  4. pat chance says:

    what a great idea – I bet the girls loved it

  5. Ok… SUPER fun idea for a M&MM! That is so cute. Great way to involve Dad in some fun even when he is busy (which I’m sure he loved too!)

  6. Robin Wilson says:

    I think that since dad is called Mr. Serious fun like this is a requirement! What a blast! (pun intended) I think it is not only great fun, but making memories is one of the things you will be so grateful for in the years to come.

    1. Well, he’s actually not very serious, but Mr. Really, Are You Serious? is just a little too long…so I shortened it to Mr. Serious. I thought it would be funny…but without knowing, it really isn’t!

      Yes, making memories is what it’s all about!

  7. I am laughing over here at your pose with the baby strapped to your back. I love this idea, we don’t have many water guns, but we have nerf guns a plenty, so maybe I will do this to Patrick one evening (with no kids!)

  8. So glad yall were able to do that ….
    Might have to have daddy do that with B one day after school 🙂

  9. Elisabeth says:

    How fun! Your family is so adorable. 🙂 I’m sure these will be great memories for them!

  10. I loved reading this post. My husband works a lot sometimes too and if it weren’t for the YMCA near us I don’t think we would have time for much family fun on a regular basis. This is such a cute idea and I love that he was really into it. Sometimes people are just a little too serious. They get like Robin Williams in the movie Hook and forget to relax and have fun. Great post!

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