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Just when we were thinking this past week would be the one that took us back to routine, well, Georgia gave us a good laugh. Monday was supposed to be a holiday, but then the girls only had Tuesday at school and the following three days became snow days.

So, this is how we feel after two days of snow days. And then they call a third one! Nobody was even interested in checking out the snow this time, either.

SIlly faces with my bookends

The first day, we just kind of relaxed and took it easy (well, Mr. Serious was working from home). But, by day 2 we were all a bit stir crazy and had things that needed to be checked off the old to do list. The oldest and I got a video recorded and it was actually pretty easy to get taken care of.

Video time with the oldest

We had a couple times where it was just B and me and also some time with Mr. Serious. We even grabbed lunch together while the other sisters were at a birthday party. I think she was glad for the solo attention. Also, her pigtails get me every time.

lunching with B

The girls wanted to play a family game. B is capable, but it goes too fast for her liking. So instead of playing, she wanted to up my challenge by asking me to wear her during the game. Challenge accepted. But, we didn’t ever win.

Lillebaby Carry-On

Naturally, today it’s in the 60s here. And we will probably have a week soon where we run the heater and the AC in one week!

We’ve got this week! Alarms are all set!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LIVE for snow days. I’m from Kentucky, so they’re not quite as rare as Georgia, but as soon as the temperature drops below 35, I prayed and prayed for them. Those were the best lazy days ever — all snuggled up on the couch with my mom and SO MUCH JUNK FOOD watching Wife Swap and all those juicy TLC shows, hahaha!.
    Why can’t there be snow days for adults? …We need to work on that.

    1. Right? Adult snow days would be nice..and if magically the kids could have school days, too so we could just chill. Or if somehow they would take their chill and still sleep well!

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