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The band director said at a concert this week “we decided to move our concert to before Thanksgiving so we don’t add to the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.” But what’s also true, is it seems every other club, organization, sports team and event also thought to do the same thing.

My van aka “the mom shuttle” has been going non-stop this week. And several times, the mom shuttle and the dad shuttle have been running simultaneously. There aren’t even pictures from most of it.

E didn’t want me to come to her last Thanksgiving lunch at elementary school. Maybe she didn’t realize it was her last. Maybe she’s not sentimental. On one hand, I’m bummed I missed it. On the other, not having it on my calendar was very helpful.

B, however, reminded me several times that her Thanksgiving lunch was coming up and I needed to be there. “Don’t worry mommy. You don’t have to buy the lunch, but you need to come, okay?”

She enjoyed her home packed lunch and I had some company in a much-quieter-than-normal cafeteria.

thanksgiving lunch mommy and me monday

We also had practices, an all-day chorus event and awards ceremony.

The oldest was awarded a “top 7” varsity award and received her certificate for lettering this year.

awads ceremony mommy and me monday

And she got awarded with a picture with mom and her sister, too!

awards banquet

This week should be a little less. But there are still runs to be had, a gobble jog for the family and the oldest with her busy work schedule.

Turkey has been procured and all Thanksgiving meal ingredients, so we’ll at least have that day!

What did you do this week?

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