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We like Christmas cards with “stick-ability” and staying power! I can’t wait to try out the newest sticker greeting cards from Sticker & Co.

Sticker Greeting Card from Sticker & Co that reads "lots of love and bear hugs"

Every year we look forward to not only sending out Christmas cards and a Christmas letter (that Mr. Serious writes), but we also look forward to receiving them.

In fact, this year, we left them up in our kitchen until we started our kitchen renovations to feel connected to all of the people that we haven’t been able to see. You can see them hanging on the cabinets well into February here!


Sticker Greeting Cards

It’s already so close to December! And I know this holiday season is going to be extra weird and crazy and different, so I’m trying to get ahead. Shipping is always seems to take extra long around the holidays, too, so I really need to plan ahead.

Sure. I can design my own Christmas cards and have them printed. But, before I started doing my own, I used other photo printing companies and services for our photo card printing needs. In fact, several years in a row, I ordered wall calendars, coffee mugs, magnets, large prints and more for the grandparents in the family.

They always loved (well, I think they did..they say they did) having the girls faces in their homes. It is super easy to add the pictures and pick the designs, too.

But, now I can “multi-purpose” our holiday greeting cards with a gift that carries through past the new year with a Sticker & Co Sticker Greeting Card.

With Sticker & Co Sticker Greeting Cards, your photos can be turned into custom, peel-away photo stickers! You can find a card template for any special occasion or holiday. Then, you are ready to customize it with a personal photo and custom message that your friend or loved one can peel off and stick to any of their belongings!

Sticker & Co sticker greeting cards are 5 inches x 7 inches and available in two materials. You can select from a wall decal or a permanent sticker. The wall decal material is non-waterproof, paint-safe, and can be removed and repositioned. Use the wall decal as a re-applicable sticker greeting card photos for decorating walls, doors, refrigerators, laptops, and desks.

Sticker greeting card that reads happy holidays from Sticker & Co.

The permanent sticker greeting cards are waterproof, dishwasher safe, and have a matte laminate finish. Permanent sticker greeting card photos are great for adding a personal touch to your items. Personalize laptops, water bottles, travel mugs, hydro flasks, and more! The recipient of your sticker greeting card will have your sticker for years to come.

Sticker & Co Sticker Greeting Card

Customization options include adding your own photo and up to 4 lines of unique text (25 characters) too! Your friend, family, or loved one a custom greeting card sticker with a photo they’ll cherish forever!

Selecting a photo

I think the hardest part is selecting a winning photo for our card! It’s been years since we had professional family pictures done. But, a professional did take this picture! Maybe I’ll just use my photoshop magic skills and put N’s head on the oldest’s fathead since she wasn’t able to make the race! Or should I keep looking?

state race with fatheaad

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  1. I started looking at ideas for my cards yesterday. I always like to get them before the second week of November.

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