5 things I learned about myself from the Misfit Shine


Even at my age, I feel like I need to have reminders and rewards for taking care of my body. It’s silly and a bit ridiculous, but recognizing it is half of the challenge, right?

Misfit Shine Review So, I know that I need something and a somebody to keep me accountable. Thanks to the people at Misfit, I’ve been tracking my fitness with the visible tracking of the Misfit Shine which comes with both the sport band for your wrist and the clasp for your shoe or bra strap. I’ve been testing it out for a while now and I’ve learned a few things about myself by wearing the Misfit Shine. 

1. I get terrible amounts/quality of sleep

Surprisingly, this was a good night. I was actually in bed for 8 hours! But, yeah, I only got 5 hours of restful sleep. What was happening those other 3 hours?

Misfit Shine lack of sleep

2. If I sit too long working on the computer, it will log sleep

This is bad. Very bad. Sitting will be the death of our country. We are actually trying to figure out how I can have a standing desk. Because sitting tells your body and brain something totally different than standing and it goes into a different mode. 

3. I’m not active enough steps during the day

Despite chasing the kids around, the diaper changing areas being upstairs, going to preschool drop off, etc, I still don’t get enough steps. Which means I have to go for a walk or a run or get on the elliptical or some other form of exercise everyday. Otherwise, I’m not getting in a good 30 minute workout.

Get low with the misfit shine

4. I’m addicted to making sure that my steps and activity is logged!

When I am active, I want to make doubly triple sure my activity is counted. I quickly learned that wearing my Misfit Shine on my wrist while pushing a stroller or carrying a baby doesn’t log my activity. I have to be sure if I’m pushing a stroller to let my arm wearing the Shine dangle and not carry the kiddos in that arm for long walks. It’s not motivating when you know you walked for an hour and your activity doesn’t show up.

I’m thinking I’d really like to have the new sport necklace. This would make sure my activity was logged even when pushing a stroller, yet still visible for the activity.

Misfit Shine Sport Necklace

5. I make my own sound effects.

When I complete 100% of my activity, the face of the Shine lights up and spins around circle around the face several times. When this happens, without thinking, I automatically make a little sound effect for it. Yes, it’s silly, but I can’t and don’t make the sound effect without it!

Misfit Shine activity tracker

In addition to all of these things I’ve learned about myself, I find that I really appreciate that I a) don’t have to ever charge the Misfit Shine. It just keeps working. This is huge for me! And b) I can get it wet and don’t have to worry about it going on the fritz and dying on me (which may or may not have happened to another one that I own).

Admittedly, the hubby and I both lost our first Shine within days of wearing them. After talking with the fine people at Misfit, we learned that his band was too tight thus making it easier for it to pop out. However, they were still very generous and replaced his very quickly. I lost mine because I had it hooked on my bra, but not securely. And again, they replaced it quickly. We’ve been wearing our replacements ever since with no other issues or losses!

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  1. I learned from the too tight band, too! Now I know to have it a little loose! I’d love to have this necklace or the bloom necklace. So pretty!

    1. I’ve seen the Bloom, too and I like it as well! This one’s just a little more understated!

  2. Interesting…I’ll have to check it out! I need to get motivated again. I’m also curious how much of my sleep is restful since I always feel like I’m dragging!

    1. I love that I don’t have to set it to sleep either. It just does it on it’s own!

  3. Omg I just realized its logging me as sleep too because I’m not active enough. Geez I never even thought of that.

    1. Yeah, it’s bad right? The hubby was just telling me that I need to get a standing desk!

  4. Now that is pretty neat! I might need to look into this, but then I am nervous about how my sleep would show up – I toss and turn all the time

  5. This looks really cool. I have wanted to try one of these kinds of trackers and love the necklace idea!

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