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Vicks and Braun Flu Season Review and Giveaway **Closed


The fall is scary time of year when it comes to having little ones and illness.  The flu is extra scary and tends to put us moms on extra high alert.

With my girls in daycare, I know their chances of bringing something home are even higher.

#1 has a cool-mist humidifier in her room on and off.  #2 didn’t have one.  I was really excited about Vicks Pediatric Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier.  It actually has the ability to kill mold and bacteria with a germ-killing UV light chamber (it has research enclosed in the box to support this, obviously, I didn’t grow any bacteria in my house).  It also has a spot to put in a Vicks vapor rub pad to help with extra congestion.

Serious Tested: #2 actually had a stuffy nose, and when I noticed, I immediately cranked up the humidifier.  When it was running her nose was much clearer in the morning.  The only downfall is that it only runs for 24 hours before needing to be refilled.  That seemed quick to me.  But nothing to hard to work with.  Also, the vapor pad only lasted about 36 hours before you could no longer smell it.

The Braun ThermoScan is a thermometer for the ear.  It can be used from birth and up.  It also features a memory function which allows you to keep track of a fever’s progress.  It takes the temperature really quickly and requires little of no cooperation on the part of your child.

Serious Tested:  This was perfect for both girls.  And, was so much easier to use than a rectal thermometer or one under the arm.  And, I noticed that both the pediatrician’s office and the emergency room use ear thermometers as well (as I was concerned with the validity of these measurements).  We were pleased with how fast it registered their temperatures, too, easing the discomfort of an already uncomfortable child.

Win it: Braun and Vicks would like one Really, Are You Serious? reader to win a Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors Mini Waterless Vaporizer and Vicks ComfortFlex InSight Thermometer. 

For your first entry: Tell me your tried and true cold or flu fighting technique.  Hot soup?  Warm bath?  Salt water gargle?  Netti pot.  What do you do that works?

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*rules for each entry must be followed to be valid.

My opinions are my honest, and thoughtful views and were not influenced by any source. I was not compensated monetarily for this review and giveaway. Thank you to Braun and Vicks for the samples to facilitate the review.


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  1. Honestly, my daughter and I just stay home. We aren't ever around anyone to get sick.

  2. I have a US address, so I'm totally entering! My boys have been sick ALL WINTER LONG!!! Like, since right after Halloween, back to back something or other – colds, flu, ear infections, pink eye, throat infections, runny noses and non-stop coughing. What do I do to help them? Run a humidifier, but it's a hot water one, and they have both burned their hands on it! So I need a cool mist one for sure! Also lots of liquids, vitamins, and rest!

  3. warm jello.

    i know it sounds weird. but it totally works. and is just plain yummy.

  4. on another note – we have gone through like five humidifiers since beans was born. we have yet to find one that isn't too loud, leaks or breaks after a week of use!

    maybe this will be the winner!!

  5. Tried and true methods…
    hot chicken noodle soup
    Saltine crackers
    ginger ale
    and lots of rest!!

  6. I wish I knew a good way to fight off sickness! I guess try and eat healthy, exercise and good sleep. When we do get sick, we just sleep, sleep, sleep.

  7. Vick Vapor Rub rubbed on the bottom of your feet, then put your socks ON at bedtime!! SERIOUSLY! 😉

  8. I try to keep as much disinfected as possible so the illness doesn't spread through our family. We also started using those mini waterless vaporizers – they really do help you to get a good nights sleep.

  9. First sign of a cold or other illness, I make homemade chicken noodle soup with dumplings. 🙂 Yummy!

  10. Ok this is going to sound really weird, but oh well you asked for it! LOL
    When my son get's the flu my MIL has this concoction that she makes and sends to me to rub my son down, put him in the footy jammies, letting him sweat for about 1 hour, then put him in a nice warm tub. NOT kidding his fever is gone- just like that!
    I don't know how, or why I am just soooo happy that I have this little trick;}

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  12. +1 I follow Really Are You Serious:)

  13. +2 I follow Really Are You Serious:)

  14. WE just got over a stomach thing here, it was brutal. And colds for all 4 of us. We always have the humidifier going, steam showers work wonders, and just lots of cuddle time. 😉

  15. we take a multi vit to aviod all that junk. So far so good

  16. follow you on twitter and tweeted

  17. main entry: Wash hands ALOT, take vitamin C tablets and drink lots water & fruits or juices high in vitamin C, use my coat or shirt sleeve end to open doors or push buggies etc to pick up less germs, thanks great health aid items giveaway
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

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  21. To help with a cough that keeps you up at night, I rub Vick's Salve on the soles of my feet, put on some warm socks, and get into bed. It really helps me! Also take extra Vitamin C, eat chicken soup, drink plenty of liquids, rub Vick's Salve on hankerchief, warm it up and pin to inside of pj's for chest congestion and also helps with stuffy nose.

  22. main entry: Wash hands alot, take vitamin C tablets and drink lots water & fruits or juices high in vitamin C,try to stay away from any one sick,when i can

  23. Staying home and some good old chicken noodle soup~ Momma does know best!


  24. We do warm baths for stuffy noses, use the humidifier (however mine isn't nearly as nice as this one!) and vicks vapor rub.


  25. If trying to prevent it lots and lots of germ-x has worked for me! But if you unfortunatly get it I like to put my head over hot steaming water and that feels good for unclogging your nose!

  26. I'd love to be entered into the contest! My tried and true tip for scaring a cold is pumping myself and the kids with vitamin c anytime I feel a sniffle coming on! I also have a nebulizer for my two year old which keeps his airways clear!

  27. I subscribed by clicking on the orange heart then adding it through google 🙂 Yay for me … Hope I win! My Easton stays sick this time of year a lot!

  28. I'm a fanatic about washing hands, especially when I've been out in public. The grandkids think I am silly, but they haven't been sick yet this year – knock on wood! I also wipe down all the counters and doorknobs. I also try to make sure we are drinking more liquids and eating healthy.

  29. I start taking Vitamin C and try to stay home as much as possible if I feel a cold coming on.

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  38. Vodka and OJ…really! I swear by it! And my humidifier…can't get through the winter without it!
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