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She quit on me


It makes me sad.

I feel like a quitter.

I feel like a failure.

Once we’re done, I can’t go back.

It hurts.

It will cost us money.

The last two weeks have been troubling and not fun.

#2 has decided that she is done with me.

It was a constant fight.

Mommy and baby should not fight.

Especially about nourishment.

I thought it was just a strike, but, she never went back to it.

Not after the tooth finally popped through.

She’s done.

Done with nursing.

So, that means, I’m done, too.

And, I wasn’t ready to be done.

I wanted to make it to a year.

#2 had other ideas.

So, we made it to 8 months and a couple days.

And, thankfully, I have a freezer full of white gold. So, she’s getting that now.

But, it will only last so long and then she’s on to the fake stuff.

Formula. It is expensive.

But now? She’s a happier baby.

She’s not fighting me to eat. And, she smiles more.

Lesson learned? Preconceived plans about your children will be quickly thrown out the window.

What really sucks?
Cleaning bottles
Warming bottles
Having to make sure bottles/milk is ready
Did I mention it hurts? Because the girls are seriously boycotting me right now.

At least she’s really cute:



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  1. Oh I feel for you with the whole engorgement thing. That was so painful this past January when I was forced to stop pumping. Ugh!

  2. Oh – I'm sorry she quit early. I envy you though – Maggie quit nursing for food after just a few weeks and I just became one giant pacifier. I had to pump for several months and even then – it wasn't enough for her. Sign up on your formula of choice's website – those coupons soon become your favorite little pieces of paper!

  3. Ack! A tooth. Ouch! Neither one of mine would breastfeed. But the thought of teeth kinda scares me.

    I'm sorry you're sad. But gosh she sure is the cutest.

  4. They sure do let us know when it's time and by the look of that exuberant smile, she's ok with her decision.

    It's ok, mama.

  5. Hey….you made it this far. I nursed Cheney until almost 14 months, but Chandler quit at about 9 months. It made me sad too.

    I will be thinking about you…..just think about what you did give to her.

  6. I totally feel your pain. I'm hanging on by thread that I'm pretty sure is going to be broken within a few days and I'm majorly bummed out about it!
    That picture is adorable! I love that wide wide smile!

  7. Oh, and am I totally unobservant or did you just change your header a little?

  8. At least 8 months is better than 1 week (that all I could get my son to do).

    At least she's happy. I mean my goodness, just look at that smile. Priceless.

  9. Awww! Well, at least you were able to do it for as long as you did!

  10. You have a freezer full of gold? wow.

    Just kidding, sorry about the bottle washing and yuck.

    She is precious!

  11. Oh I feel your pain! I sat a cried when my second babe gave up on me. Stupid little teeth 🙂

  12. You did awesome! I only made it six months. He's a year on the sixth, so bye bye formula. Woo hoo!

  13. You did a great job. Us moms have different goals sometimes and our children break that a lot of times. You didn't fail. That pic is priceless!!!

  14. Awww…that kinda stinks, huh? But I guess there's not much you can do when she doesn't want it anymore…like you said, at least she's 100% adorable!

  15. i have to agree…it's kind of sad when they decide they do not need mommy milk anymore 🙁 but on the upside you have a happy baby and a less stressed mommy! good luck!!

  16. My first princess was the same way. I have to say after nursing this baby I am jealous of you now. Maybe it's just a case of life is creamier on the other side of the bottle. HUGS!! Jen

  17. so sad that shes done. but i have to point out, you dont have to warm bottles, shes use to body temp milk so i'd be willing to bet that room temp formula would be just fine. we heated formula at first, but then realized that we didnt have to and just used room temp water and dumped the powder in. also get yourself one of those formula dispensers like this http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2738037 and then have your bottles with the right amount of water in them and when its time to eat just mix, shake and serve. much easier than mixing and keeping on ice and then warming.

  18. taysmommy says:

    I sooo know the feeling! My daughter quit too once those teeth started showing up. She was happy and mama was sad.

  19. Jennifer-Colley says:

    My goal was a year and I only made it 3 months bc my son wanted more milk than I could produce for him! It was a sad time! Gonna go for as long as possible with his brother, but not gonna set any goals! COngrats on making it that far though!

  20. You are so right, she is adorable!
    But, alas…..I definitely feel for you.
    My situation didn't even allow me to get that long….Oh, the things we face as mothers.
    I would have just kept pumping, but I had no luck with getting much that way……..Maybe she won't like the formula and she'll come back to you!

  21. I can't begin to imagine how that feels…but you're right, she is darn tootin cute

  22. umm I could have written this! Kain is 8.5 months and has all but quit, short of maybe one or two night nursings. My supply is about gone. It breaks my heart 🙁 I nursed for a full year with my first and wanted to go atleast 18 months if not longer, but Kain had different ideas. *hugs* I know exactly what you are going through!

  23. I know that you weren't ready yet but 8 month is super! It would still be a bit of a pain, but could you still pump and then freeze more of the white gold – you could save some money that way.

  24. I know it hurts you that nursing is now over, but I have to agree, the worst part is the bottles! UGH!

    Sometimes "growing up" is hard to do – for Mommies! Hugs!

  25. Oh and she is REALLY cute! And yeah, I hear ya. I wanted to nurse until Chicken was a toddler but then I got sick and my milk dried up. That was when he was 9 months. I wanted to go for another year. Sigh!

  26. i'm sorry that I cannot sympathize with you as I am on the complete opposite end of that spectrum with a son who would likely nurse 'til he's 5 if I let him – but I won't.

  27. She is SO cute! And it's so true, whatever plans you have – throw them out the window and go with the flow, because planning something with kids is never going to go 'as planned'. I breastfed both my boys for 6 months each, and although it was sad coming to and end both times, it was just time to stop for both of us. Yes it was way easier than warming up the bottles, preparing the formula, sterlizing bottles, etc. but my boys were happy and fed! 🙂 Do not ever feel like a failure!

  28. :/ No fun – but sometimes you just have to follow their lead, huh? MM was difficult to get on and quick to get off, although we did nurse for a little under a year, it was so rocky that we never JUST nursed.

    At least she is happy now – that is all that matters. 🙂

  29. Sparkette says:

    That stinks. Bummer for us because we really do get bummed out. Good luck, and yes she is ADORABLE! 🙂

  30. She is super cute, you are right about that!! I love her headband!

  31. I give you MAD props for 8 months. I am praying to make it to 6 weeks! 🙂 ha!
    She is one beautiful sweet baby and I know you weren't ready but she will be GREAT! 🙂 hugs

  32. You know, I'm not a mama (yet,) but I can imagine that when something as special as nursing comes to an end it's difficult. On to the next chapter, though! Potty training, anyone?

    PS: She is a cutie! 😉

  33. My boys basically starting self weaning around 7 1/2 months, it was hard on mommy, not them so much. But i missed the special closeness.

  34. No mommy with a baby that smiles like that could come close to being a failure…holy cow; that is one happy little girl. Good job, Mommy!

  35. Southern Savvy says:

    Don't feel bad Momma! My baby girl kicked me to curb after 2 weeks. She would fight and fight me while crying her head off and her little face would get bright red. I finally tried a little bottle and she could not have been happier. Broke my heart but you have to be able to roll with it…

  36. Anonymous says:

    You did great Mommy! 😉

    -Mr. Serious

  37. Wyatt did this to me too. It is really sad. I'm sad for you.

    But four months of washing bottles and making formula isn't the end of the world.

    And a positive, you will be spending way less time in the lactation room 🙂

  38. Aw, hon, I'm sorry 🙁

    But I'm sure you have some great memories and look at all of her cuteness—awwww!!

  39. You did great to get to 8 months! But I imagine it is going to be a big change and so weird to go to bottles when you haven't had to for all this time. She'll be done with bottles before you know it though:)

  40. Oh. That's always the saddest thing isn't it? I'm sorry. If there is a silver lining though it maybe is that at least your body is yours again???

  41. oh I am so sad for you!!!!! My little one didn't want to suckle any longer 2 months ago (she just turned 3 – so it was time) but I was so sad !!!!!

  42. I am so sad for you! Though 8 months is really good.

  43. I'm so sorry! But you're right, at least she's absolutely adorable!

  44. Love that picture…that big smile and at least SHE is happy!

  45. I'm sorry. I know it was important to you. I hate it when I can't meet my goals because the kids change it (which happens to be often)…but you are definitely not a quitter. If you weren't as determined and perserverent, you wouldn't have all your white gold to get you through awhile (my bet is you have more than you think…to last atleast a couple of months). Plus, I bet you have some formula saved up. And she is happy. So, that is good.

    Hang in there.

  46. Most of our preconceived plans do get thrown out the window, don't they?

    Usually when they get teeth, it'sz not much longer. I'm glad she's happier.

  47. Awwww I can only imagine how that feels. At least feeding isn't such a struggle with her now. And she is very cute of course!!

  48. First of all that picture is way too cute! Do you still have your pump? You could try and get some more to freeze and make it last a little longer. Just a thought. My babes never did that to me they did the opposite.

  49. Your lucky you got to breastfeed that long! I never had the chance since Tristan was in the NICU and never had the suck,swallow,breathe thing down…….he has been G-tube fed since he was born.

    But that PICTURE is priceless!
    God Love!

  50. I'd say "that sucks" um except it probably isn't the best phrase for you right now. Hang in there.

    I have a no-obligation award for you. (I love those.)

  51. So sorry honey that she quit so fast on you.

    But I agree with your assesment. You just can't make any plans where your kids are concerned. You just never know….

    Hang in there, and hope you are feeling better soon!

  52. 🙁 I know how you're feeling. We went through the same thing at just 3 months old. It broke my heart that Emma just wouldn't breastfeed, especially after spending 14 months breastfeeding her bib sister.

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