An Open Letter


Dear Grumpy Lady at The Chick-
Sorry the line was so long today.  You see, Santa is here bringing good cheer to the kids.  And, kids love Santa.  And, parents love free Chick-fil-a. 

Sorry my one year old was hungry and impatient and really doesn’t like to wait in line.  Who does?

And, I’m sorry that my sweet little #1 got her upset and hungry sister some Cheerios from the counter.

And, I’m really sorry that my sweet little #2 thought they would look better as floor decorations.  Cheerios and the floor seem to go hand in hand, right?  At least at our house that’s true.

So, when you stepped on one, lifted your foot in complete disgust, and looked at your shoe like there was dog poo on it, I thought I should apologize. 

I simply stated “It’s a Cheerio.”  No tone, no sarcasm (for once, I know).  I just wanted you to know you didn’t step on a bug or anything else.

And, when you turned around after placing your order, I’m almost sorry I smiled.

Because you telling me in the ugliest of voices “I know what a Cheerio looks like!” was pretty much the snottiest, ugliest thing anybody said to me today.  And, I work with teenagers.  Most of them who are can be snotty and ugly.

Well, maybe I’m not sorry.  Obviously, you needed somebody in your life smiling.  Because you were just a turd.

Hope your Friday is all rainbows and unicorns.

Kindest Regards,
The lady behind you in line with a hungry three year old and a hungry one year old by herself with nobody offering help and waiting in line behind your grumpy butt.

PS. No we don’t live there (a-mommy), kids eat free on Thursdays.  And, we are all about free.
PPS Yes there are pictures with Santa, but I will have to save them for a nicer post!
PPPS Shannon, at the Mommy-Files was kind enough to feature me today.  Please head over and say “hi!”

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  1. I hate it when people are so hateful over absurd things. Seriously. She needs to take the candy cane out of her a$$ and have some holiday cheer!

    Love ya honey and forget about her. I'm just sorry you had to deal with someone behaving worse than a hungry toddler! xoxo

  2. i say ditto to what chelle said!! take the candy can out of your a** crabby old lady!

    ps- i know you don't "live" there, but i am pretty sure another time we were on the phone you were also enjoying free chicken.

    pps – you know i am just jealous.

  3. "a turd" hehehe.
    Sorry. That was funny. Cuz she certainly was a turd. I feel bad for her. Kinda.
    Not really. 😉

  4. Too bad she didn't really step on a turd! Sounds like she deserved it! I'm sorry she snapped at you like that, I wouldn't give her another thought, though!

  5. What is it this year? It seems that not too many people are full of cheer. I really miss it when people would just start talking to people and be nice to each other. I hope that this isn't lost forever.

  6. I agree with Jess! Where has all the holiday cheer gone?? People are so GRUMPY and obsessed with themselves! UGH! Makes me sick! Sorry you have to experience that. I think you handled it VERY well. Can't say I would have done the same!!!!!

  7. I'm mentally spilling my drink down her leg – completely by accident, of course.

  8. OK, that was mean. Maybe I'm just butting into the conversation to help you out and shame the old hag for her bah-humbug spirit.

  9. First off, this lady needs to be slapped with some Christmas spirit.

    Secondly, Chick-fil-a is a family place. Everyone knows this. If you don't want to be around children during Christmas and Santa Claus, then go through the drive through!

  10. I LOVED this POST!!! I could say so much! I LOVE THIS POST that is all I will say!

  11. LOL! Omg, what a joyful person she was! She totally should have ordered from the drive thru! Love your open letter to the christmas witch 🙂

  12. You are nicer than I would have been…I've been pretty much over people and their snotty attitudes lately. And seriously, I can understand being mildly miffed if you were at Chops or something, but a ChickfilA on family night?! Um, what did she expect!?

  13. Loved your letter! I am sorry that that happened to you and your sweet daughters! I hope the holiday's are filled with love and laughter from this day forward!

  14. Emma Jane says:

    Forget about it. Life is too short. You have probably said mean things to people too at some point. Hopefully they forgave you. You should do the same.

  15. Tis the season for asshats too my friend…don't be sorry!

    Did this woman have children? If not maybe she should have thought about eating elsewhere….looks like Santa will be sending her coal.


  16. What is wrong with people? I just don't get that reaction at all. She's going to miserable her whole life with that attitude!

  17. Mean people stink! Too bad there wasn't Cheerios to throw in her hair, she'd be none the wiser (or nicer).

    Looking forward to seeing the Santa picture.

  18. Wow…so good to see people like her feeling the holiday spirit. I hope she chokes on a Cheerio tomorrow for breakfast. What an a**hat.

  19. Obviously grumpy-butt doesn't have any children of her own. Sometimes when I meet mean people I'm almost pushed by some great force to get to know them just so I can get to the root of what the heck made them so crabby.

    I feel like Sigmund Freud.

  20. Well, every holiday event needs a grinch, right?

    I think you handled it perfectly and I loved your letter 😉

    Chick-Fil-A always has long lines but, they get through them fairly quickly and YUM their food, totally worth it.

  21. *this made me laugh. I hope she stepped in dog doo on the way out of the store 🙂

    *you & I puffy heart many of the same blogs so I thought I'd stop by. Imagine my surprise to see your lovely little red headed girls. I have one red head for sure & the baby is still in question. SO FUN!

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