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Santa, with half the tears


Last year, our trip to Santa resulted in both girls screaming.  (And, when trying to find that post, I saw my sweet little, teeny-tiny #2…she’s getting so big).
This year, only #2 screamed.  Terrified, horrible, very big tears.  She’s got a a little separation anxiety going on.
#1, however, was pleased as punch with Santa.  She immediately told him she wanted an Ariel doll and movie (which I’m a little concerned about.  The Little Mermaid has quite a few scary parts). 
DSC_4730 DSC_4733
No worries that he heard “train” because we quickly corrected Santa and the Mrs.   Her smiles, however, leave a little something to the imagination.
PS.  That little girl that is so not impressed with Santa started doing something very impressive this weekend.  The video is coming soon.


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  1. Izzy expression looking at your very unhappy Natatlie is so precious. What a sweet picture even if N is screaming. Izzy looks darling in all of them.
    Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  2. Oh poor N!!

    I would be worried about Little Mermaid too. Makes me wonder when they are big enough to see scary things and not lose it.

    Very cute photo of your biggest one smiling ear to ear!

  3. Santa is scary for little ones. K is still scared of him. lol

    Izzy looks so grown up, amazing how times flies.

  4. Peculiar. I don't think I've ever seen or heard the Little Mermaid and scary in the same sentence. That was my favorite. In fact, I was your daughter's age and dressing up as Ariel for Halloween. Haha.

  5. Awww poor baby! Isabelle is getting so big. I can not get over how fast they grow!!

    The Little Mermaid is Haylee's favorite disney movie. I thought she would be scared as well, but it didn't seem to bother her. She loves it.

  6. These make for great pictures!

    Karys watches Little Mermaid and at the part where she goes to visit Ursula in her cave she whispers (to either herself or Ariel, we can't tell) "No Ariel! Don't go in there! Go away!" Tim and I cracked up laughing! It was so precious! 🙂

  7. Love the pictures!!! She sure was not happy on Mrs. lap, a memory you wont forget 🙂

  8. My little sister, who is 6, still won't get near Santa. There's just something about that man that makes her uncomfortable.

  9. MM met Santa and Mrs Claus at the Christmas Tree Farm this weekend. He loved the whole thing this year but it was a short visit and we didn't get a picture – but it's the memory that counts right? BB slept through the whole thing of course.

  10. Poor N! At least Izzy did better this year. Maybe next year will be the year to get them both in a good photo.
    I don't think Ava will make it this year. A couple weekends ago we were at a store that was supposed to have a Santa for a few hours, but, I told her I thought it was over already at the time we got there. She wouldn't even go in until I made sure he was gone already!

  11. i am so glad she liked him, bradley is still very afraid, and won't go near him!!

  12. oh poor baby!!

    we have never attempted…but i am thinking this year we might have to try…

  13. Not the worst Santa picture I've seen 😉

    And do not tell me Nat is starting to walk! (I'm jumping to conclusions…)

    Now I need the video~

  14. Izzy looks so grown up and so cute. Hopefully next year N will like Santa…Cassidy didn't like him either.
    We haven't gotten to the girl movies yet, so I have no idea on the them. Are there any you would recommend that I can start with Cassidy?

  15. So cute, reminds me of this one picture of me when I was a tot. Screamed my head off and it was all documented by wonderful photography! haha

  16. What's she doing?! What's she doing!? Walking is my guess!
    And those are some big crocodile tears! At least she's sitting there though. Charlie held onto us like a leech and unless Alex wanted to sit in Santa's lap too it just wasn't going to happen. This is year number two for us with three kiddos but from our Santa pictures the past two years you'd never know it!

  17. Your girls are getting so big! Love the photos 🙂

  18. Oh that picture, lol! Poor kid.
    The Little Mermaid is probably the favorite movie around here. Well, it could also be because Cinderella is locked up in that vault still.

  19. Oh that face! My G wasn't into him either – we didn't even make him go up there. He just said "BYE BYE SANTA!"

    Love the pics and that Isabelle was so happy to hang with Santa.

  20. gosh, they are both growing like weeds! I have to admit though, N looks a bit upset, I do love the face.

    When my son was 1, I took him to see Santa, omg.. I had to go three seperate times in order to get his picture and he still wasn't a happy camper. We never went back till he is 15, and he got his picture just to please me. LOL

  21. I can't believe how big N has gotten! I mean, I haven't been gone that long…

    Ariel definitely has some scary parts… is her new movie just as scary?

  22. I still just LOVE last years picture!! I was just looking at your card from last year and laughed about it just this week!
    (btw..LOVE this years card and letter..super cute and creative!!)
    I think she would be fine with The Little Mermaid! We saw the play at Disney last year and the little girls loved it!

  23. I am laughing so hard at poor Nat's face right now!! I am LOVING Izzy's pony tail. It's awesome :)Their outfits are precious too!

    Love, Mere

  24. Aww, bless little N's heart. Poor thing.

    They are all great shots, even though lil' baby was scared.

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