Lucky, scratch that, blessed


Why is it that when somebody says “oh, well aren’t you lucky?” or “isn’t that nice?” it sounds like the total opposite? 

So often before we speak, we forget to think. And while our words might not mean to offend, if they do, then they are offensive.


(This however doesn’t mean that I’m not guilty of doing this. Because I know my faults and my words can be one of them). 

Sometimes, I think the words are spoken out of jealousy. “Oh, well aren’t you lucky you got to do to xyz…” or “Isn’t that nice you get to stay at home…” And sometimes people don’t realize that they are limiting themselves by harboring that jealousy.

Instead, I try to be aware of my own “lucky.” But, I prefer to say “blessed.” Because these people that are in my life? Lucky isn’t even a strong enough word for them being in it.


I know that I often don’t speak of church or God or blessings in this space, but I am fully aware that my luck is really blessings. And, I pray each night giving thanks for all of the blessings that I’ve received. And, I try to give thanks for the things that are “unlucky” too, because I like to think that there is a reason that I will one day understand.


I won’t push my luck. I want to remember and acknowledge the blessings that have been bestowed upon me and I’ll feel lucky always. 

When speaking of others about their luck, I will try to remember to choose my words wisely and instead used “blessed” because I just don’t think it could be interpreted as anything else.

And the luck goes on because this month I am joining several of my other sisters in motherhood and celebrating the lucky by hosting this month’s Happy Mama link-up. Please, tell us how you are a “lucky” mama and link up and share with us. Team #HappyMamas. Head over to Elaine’s place all this month and link up your LUCKY.



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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    You certainly are blessed. You have a beautiful family!

  2. So true that luck is really blessings. I try to remember how blessed I am, especially when I’m having a “bad” day. (I put that in quotations because my bad day is nothing compared to what some people face.) Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for my blessings, and also for the reminder that words can be hurtful even when it’s not intended!

    1. You are so right about the “bad” day..it’s all about perspective. But, I do try to remember that I’m allowed to have a bad day, too even if mine isn’t as bad as somebody else’s. If that makes any sense at all.

  3. Definitely agree with you on the word lucky. Personally, I believe we serve a God sovereign over all and if that’s the case then there’s no such thing as luck. However, I’m careful about using the word “blessed” too. For example, my new car…not a blessing. No where I the Bible does it talk about materialistic blessings. My children? Yes, definite blessings. And children are a blessing from the Lord. I think this has an interesting perspective. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4868963
    Lastly, I just try not to let people’s comments bother me. They usually have nothing to do with me, so why would I waste my time complaining about something that is all about them and not me?

    1. I guess I think of the underlying root of the car….God has given people skills, to earn money, to create, to employ, etc. So, I think of the people that allow things like a new car as the blessing. The people. Because I feel that the way God created us and molded us in His image is a blessing to us. All of those verses references are speaking of different characteristics of people and them being blessed.

      I’m not sure I would directly say to somebody “my car is blessing from God” but I certainly wouldn’t say “I’m lucky to have a car” either. I do like the idea of saying “I’m grateful” that’s true, but I also err on the other side in the gifts that God has blessed us with (and maybe that author would argue that those “gifts” are still materialistic) help us with other things.

  4. That is an interesting point. I can see how blessed is more descriptive especially when referring to our children who truly are miracles. My husband always found issue when I would say how lucky we were as though it implied we didn’t deserve it. Lucky can have negative connotations I never even thought of evidently!

    1. It’s tricky, no doubt. But, I think it’s definitely the “deserving” part that makes it feel different. Maybe?

  5. Your idea of blessed versus lucky makes so must sense. I think then it goes a step further and you can appreciate the challenge of parenting from a servitude perspective. God loves us and we need to love and nurture our children, even when there are bad days.

    1. All of the yeses. Admittedly, I can add that I am not always the best at the serving part on those bad days, but hopefully, admitting to it, praying and trying to do better and asking both God and my kids to forgive me can help in the tiniest way.

  6. Mr. Serious says:

    We are all wonderful blessings from the God who created us. The more we keep this in mind, the better we treat ourselves and others. Love it!

  7. First of all, beautiful girls! Second, I love this post. We must watch our words and remember that luck usually isn’t luck at all – it comes from blessings and sometimes a lot of hard work.

  8. You have such beautiful girls! And you’re right. Luck isn’t always luck, but a mix of blessings and elbow grease.

  9. It’s funny. No matter how careful a person tries to be it seems someone is always offended.
    I like to use “blessed” too however I was told that it is hurtful because it implies that people who don’t have whatever it is I am referring to (my family, usually) are not blessed. ?? I guess I understand what they are saying but just because someone doesn’t have something they want doesn’t mean that they aren’t blessed in other ways.

    I always try to be careful with what I say and not offend anyone but it doesn’t always work. I guess we just do the best we can, right?

    And yes, you are blessed! 🙂
    Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful family!

  10. you are way more conscientious than most ppl who don’t even bother to try to say something nice whether it is lucky or blessed. I try to use ‘blessed,’ too.

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