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I admit it.

Despite my best efforts, and me saying “I don’t care” I do.

My poor little B has some mad and angry rash/irritation on her face, head, ears, neck and chest.

Happy Mama Happy Baby

And it makes me so very sad for her. I worried that people would think something is wrong with her. Or that I was/am a bad parent for not having her at the doctor or hospital. Because it looks pretty bad. 

Happy Mama Happy Baby

Then I started to think about her seeing pictures of herself (in a couple years) so I didn’t want to take pictures of her because I was worried about what she might think. The few pictures I was taking, I didn’t want to share because I was worried about the judgment of other parents and other people.

Happy Mama Happy Baby

*Bam* My a-ha moment slapped me in the face.

#1 Who (me) gives two rats crap what other people think? My baby is gorgeous and even if I’m the only one that thinks it. She is and I’m going to share her and all of her squishy baby goodness. 

#2 Why do I care about a silly rash? It’s a rash. She’s the same baby rash or no rash. She gives me the sweetest smiles and the cutest coos. At the end of the day it’s just some red bumps (I’ve had two doctors look at them and nobody is really concerned, but I am making some diet changes to see if it helps and I’m already noticing a difference).

Happy Mama Happy Baby

At the ripe age of thirty-something, I have to remember that our appearance on the outside isn’t what makes us. I have four little girls that need to learn that and the sooner the better (because it’s only going to get harder and tougher for them).

So this happy mama is taking all the pictures of her sweet girl. And, I’m sharing all of them. Because I’m on the new mama high and nobody can take that away from me or us!

Happy Mama Happy Baby

{Cousin Logan, 6 months and B, 8 weeks hanging out in the ATL!}

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  1. Good for you! And she is gorgeous, rash or no rash. But, do you know what’s causing it? IS it painful or itchy? Could it be a food allergy? #3 had a rash all over his body when he was a teeny baby and his skin looked kind of reptile-ish. It was from the foods I was eating while nursing him but I didn’t find out until he was like 10 months old! Was bothering his tummy apparently too :(.

  2. She is absolutely adorable! Sesame kept saying “baby” and signing baby while I was scrolling.

  3. Oh, the things we say to ourselves. SHE IS GORGEOUS. My youngest had cradle cap and a facial rash continuously until he was nearly a year old. Many of his photos are not close-ups because I didn’t like the way it looked. I hate that it took me that long to realize that YOU BE ILLIN. He was a baby, he wasn’t sick, and it was probably my poor housekeeping skills and lack of washing things often enough that were the culprit. My point is, I’m glad your aha moment hit you earlier than mine did and you’re right: take ALL the pictures because you both deserve it.

  4. grandma pat says:

    you are correct she is beautiful and I have been missing seeing pictures of her. Love the one of her in the pink diaper.

  5. My poor sweet bloggyfriend! What an awful thing to burdened with. I think lots of moms, including me, have felt like this. I’m glad you had your aha moment, and some day she’ll really appreciate it. It looks like something my friends baby has right now. She told me hers was a baby acne from a large amount of hormones she had in her body and because her daughter was late. A totally random thought I thought I would share 😉

    1. Thank you. Yes, I think that was part of it, for sure. I’ve since cut dairy and gluten and it has improved immensely. Of course, now I have no idea if it’s my diet changes or just time that made it better.

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous! That precious little smile!!!
    And honestly, if you wouldn’t have said anything I wouldn’t have noticed the rash. I was too occupied looking at her beautiful face. I think it is more noticeable to you because you know it is there and you don’t want her to be uncomfortable or anything.
    But, snap away! Take those pics! She is a beauty!

  7. i am just going to say amen 🙂

  8. Perfectly put Krystyn! And she is so beautiful!

  9. thats great that you came to that realization for your 4 girls! they will definitely appreciate you for that!

  10. Jessica Beard says:

    Both of my sons had little rashes as babies and the doctors weren’t worried. I think it happens a lot! She is a little cutie-keeping taking pictures!

  11. joanna garcia says:

    YAY! That is great!! You should not feel bad baby acne is something normal that both of my girls had! They say its from the breastmilk and the hormones going through their bodies but it will go away! Breastmilk helps too! I have lots of pictures of my babies like that too who cares what people think, they are our pride and joy!

    1. It has definitely improved a ton in the last couple weeks.

  12. Teresa Honores says:

    Your baby is adorable and healthy thats all that matters! Kudos for this statement! i agree! I know babies are prone to this and it goes away so do not worry all these pictures are perfect and so is your baby!

  13. oh girl share away!! She is adorable.. Don’t all babies have a rash at some point in their life?? Glad you are looking into it.. not because I think you should have or anything like that but because you were worried and mamas know best!! Glad you are seeing improvements in it 🙂 Don’t stop sharing the pictures rash or no rash!

  14. She’s very cute! I can hardly even tell that she has a rash.

  15. She is adorable! My daughter had a rash like that for the longest time and one day it was just gone. I can’t wait for baby #3 to get here for my new squishy photos! Love it!

  16. Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! She’s such a sweet little squish. 😉 So glad you’re sharing your precious photos, I LOVE looking at cute babies. As for the rash, have you tried coconut oil? My baby had a rash until I started adding a bit of coconut oil to his bath water. It cleared up in less than a week!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we’ve tried coconut oil and special face cream. The rash seems to be almost gone, but she’s left with some scaly skin. I think the rash was from my diet? I’ve gut gluten and dairy and seems to have helped.

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