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It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

We got a surprise package in the mail this weekend. I love surprise mail. Not bills (ugh, so many), and not junk. Real mail, hand addressed to us!

Our package came from our blog grandma, Grammy Lura. I don’t even know how long we’ve been blog family, but it’s been over three years!

The girls had little individually wrapped gifts that were made just for them.

Never would we have realized what they were. They were custom made aprons with their names on them. And, the cutest little bows and they are PERFECT. They have been worn for every meal and meal preparation help since they arrived Saturday!

(Somebody kept saying “no pictures for me!” Such a stinker).

cooking with mommy

“Okay girls, let’s make the cookies!” (Grammy sent those, too. So smart. Aprons went directly from gift wrap to on the body to cooking at the table!)

cooking with mommy

Okay, are there extra hands in the picture? It’s weirding me out. But, they were nice enough to stop to take picture. Sorry #2, I think you were mid-blink.

cooking with mommy

Ummm….#2, you got caught!

cooking with mommy

At least she’s using the spoon to do her cookies.

cooking with mommy

Such concentration.

cooking with mommy

The cookies were a hit and gave us a great afternoon activity. And, of course, activities are a lot more fun when you get to eat the results.

Only a couple made it to Easter.

Happy Easter weekend to you!

He is Risen!

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  1. Gramy Lura says:

    ahhhh……. they are SO CUTE!!!! I am delighted that they are enjoying the aprons. I had fun doing them. I was excited when I got them finished and mailed them off to you. I am glad that you got them so quickly. I love all of the cute pictures. Thank you for posting the pictures so I could see the girls wearing the aprons. I hope E Claire liked her dress too.
    Happy Easter to all of you. Hugs, Grammy Lura

    1. Yes, E likes hers, too….it’s just a little big still, but she’ll try to eat the strawberries off of it in no time:)

    1. Oh, they did. The love it when I let them just go for it (of course, I clean the sprinkles up for weeks!)

  2. I love matching aprons! Baby and I have pink and green princess ones!
    So fun to be able to cook together in them and the pics are adorable!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! Those aprons are so sweet!!! Just adorable! I love them. I bet the girls were in heaven! And such cute pics too. 🙂
    Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

    1. Oh, they so were..they were on every minute we were home for the first week!

      You guys look like you had an awesome Easter.

  4. awwww!! so so so cute!! how great to have a bloggy grammy!!

  5. That is SO sweet of her to send those precious aprons! And yes, the extra hand weirded me out a bit to – ha ha!

    1. I think it’s N holding her hand funny, but it sure freaked me out!

  6. Mr. Serious says:

    He is risen indeed! Couldn’t resist. They are cuties.

  7. What is sweeter than handmade aprons from “grammy”? How cute!

  8. They are adorable in those aprons 🙂 My daughter is just old enough at 2 1/2 to start helping in the kitchen so I definitely need to make her a little apron, she would love that.

    1. Oh, yes, if you can sew, you should…and if you have one, I bet she’d love to match you, too!

  9. What a sweet blog grandma! beautiful aprons too!

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