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The family and I were invited to Cirque du Soleil’s newest Atlanta show ECHO this weekend under the big top. So, we headed into the city to catch the show.

There are quite a few photo opps as you walk up to the big tent, so we had to stop and grab a picture.

cirque du soleil before the big top mommy and me monday

And there’s a nice backdrop, too. Make sure to walk the red carpet and have person grab a group shot for you.

cirque du soleil echo step and repeat mommy and me monday

Make sure you arrive with some extra time so you can take it all in.

The gates open an hour before the show starts. With parking and everything, we had about 20 minutes before the show started in our seats. A bit before the show, you can see the lighting staff climb up to their seats and the show clowns do a bit of entertaining.

About Cirque du Soleil ECHO

“The World is Yours to Create.” 

cirque du soleil act hair acrobats
These ladies hung and spun from each other’s hair. And at one point their teeth. They had crazy strength! Also, notice the band/orchestra and singers. It’s awe-inspiring how well they use live music with the show.

Cirque du Soleil ECHO brings new and surprising twists to its big top magic with a story about the symbiotic unions that our future depends on.

cirque du soleil act puppet
The way the giant puppet/person came to life was really unique.

Poetry, stagecraft, daring acrobatics and technologies come together in a spectacle exploring the precious balance between humans, animals and the world we share. 

cirque du soleil act slack line
Wow! The balance and skill required to walk and perform gymnastics on these loose lines!

Fueled by the power of change, the hope of the youth, and the value of empathy, ECHO follows an inquisitive young woman named FUTURE as she wanders into a fantasy world that explores humans’ sacred bond with animals and nature.

cirque du soleil act hanging poles
This set had performers hanging and spinning from hanging and spinning poles and each other.

When FUTURE and her best friend the DOG encounter a mysterious CUBE, they quickly learn how their actions have the power to shape this world, and if we come together, we can rebuild our planet to create the world we all want to live in.

cirque du soleil act clowns with boxes
The clowns always seem to steal the show with no speaking at all.

Cirque du Soleil ECHO is in Atlanta until January 21, 2024. If you are in town, I highly recommend seeing it. Tickets make great experience presents for the holidays.

cirque du soleil act flying acrobats
The flying birds were very entertaining to watch. Not only for their skills and performance, but also how they worked together and responded to each other’s moves.

There are several other sets and performances that I didn’t feature here. But, the show is very entertaining and keeps the audience captive. There were little kids around us that were enjoying the show the entire time. It’s about a 2 hour show including the 25 minute intermission (perfect for a potty or snack break).

post-running with E | mommy and me monday

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