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This B picks up on things. She doesn’t let stuff get by her at all. She quickly realized that the week she was out of school that her sisters were still in school was her “last” week with mommy alone for a while. And she milked it and laid it on thick. And, I let her! Because she’s right. This was the last week of just the two of us together unless we really plan for it. 

So when her sisters had their last day of school, she asked if we could have a special lunch out, just the two of us. I hesitated only for a second (and maybe made her think I hesitated longer) and agreed. She picked Chick-fil-a and I was good with it!

I made sure to slide over to her side of the booth and grab a picture to document it. 

One last

These dang lasts….the get a mom in the guts. 

The middle two had asked earlier in the morning if I would walk to school to pick them up for their early release and I agreed. So B and I had one last walk to school with just to two of us to get her sisters.

I looked down and saw our shadow and stopped to grab a picture. One more last for the books. 

one last walk to school to get her sisters

Next year all walks to school will end at leaving her at the school, too. All walks to school will be without her and bringing her home. All of these lasts and firsts and first lasts and last firsts come so quickly. If I don’t think about them, I completely miss them. But if I think about them, I might be thinking about only them because there are so many. 

We had a successful end of a first year of middle school, a last end of preschool year (and last kid going through that school) and all of the award ceremonies to go along with it.

Summer is here and it’s going to be busy and fun and the girls have no idea!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Mr. Serious says:

    So glad you made all of these firsts and lasts special!

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