Happy 10 months, yo!


Dear Baby B-

Sorry about that title. Mommy just finished watching Breaking Bad. It’s a show you can watch is about 20 years. So, you’ll have no interest by then! 

So, I say to you, happy 10 month birthday. We will not mention how close you are to one until after at least after Thanksgiving. Or maybe even Christmas!

pumpkin patch 10 month smiles

{Please take note of the little bee on her outfit!}

10 months is such a sweet age. And, also a little fiery, too. You have needs. You want them met like yesterday. I get it. You are the boss! (Ha! Not really. But, we’ll let you think that you are the boss for a little bit!)

You have four teeth now and have discovered grinding them. Nails on a chalkboard. Please don’t keep doing this. I’ll be forced to make you smile all the time so you can’t.

10 months, Baby B

This face. Kills me. It’s hard to see, but you get a little raised eyebrow and it’s all mischief. You know you are cute and you aren’t afraid to use it!

Rosie Riveter Baby B

We popped into the pediatrician and did a little weight check. You are a peanut, but healthy and growing. So, we aren’t going to worry, right? Because, happy and healthy is good!

Your wave? Cutest thing ever. Yes. Ever. It’s like a beauty pageant wave. Dainty and swooshing your hand. And you say the sweetest little “hi” when you do it. All of us try to get you to do your “hi”. If we are lucky, you will do both hands! You even “hi” for the camera.

Waving hi

You love your sisters, too. They make you smile and laugh and get all giggly, but their hair is still fair game. Paybacks for them trying to pick you up and tote you all around.

You had your first trip with just mommy and daddy, which is pretty special considering none of your sisters have had that. Okay, maybe the oldest, but that was by default. We hit up NOLA for Jenna’s wedding. You were a rockstar and a star. Your red hair made everybody want a glimpse of you. Together, we participated in our first Second Line. It was pretty fun. You were indifferent!

B goes to NOLA

You are pulling up to standing more now, and despite my desires to have you stop, I know that walking will be here before we know it. I’m perfectly okay with your odd one leg up crawl. It suits you!

Standing B, 10 months old

You’ll have your first turkey this next month. Mommy will make it good. You will love it! And, if history proves true, I’ll share some mashed potatoes, and just like your sisters, you will give me a big “no thank you!”

Love you little B!

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  1. She is just the prettiest baby 🙂
    I LOVE her smile and her expressions!

  2. April Farley says:

    Happy 10 months into the world! That is one adorable red head but then ya already knew that :o)

  3. Stephanie Larison says:

    Happy 10 months! How adorable, I can’t wait for my youngest to start playing, she’s 2.5 months now.

  4. Happy 10 months! I sure do love her bee outfit! Seems like just yesterday Logan was wearing it in for her. They grow so fast.

  5. Aww, she’s so big already! Love her raised eyebrow face!

  6. She is just so precious. We need a video of the wave so we can see it in person! 😉

    And the look on her face in the one photo – OMGoodness!

  7. What a sweetheart! Love the faces she makes.

  8. Her little face slays me! What a little beauty. Love these updates you share about her and her milestones 🙂

  9. Awww. So precious. I miss that age. My next baby will be a grand baby!

  10. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    She is so adorable! I love her expressions!

  11. Aww! Ten months already! Wow!
    That black and white pic is just too much! Just look at that sass! I love it! Adorable. 🙂

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