A trip to the square


We’ve been to the square many times.

But, this time, #1 was a dream! And, I’m not sure why because she didn’t have a nap.

She had a blast!

She just loved jumping down the stairs…
Go #1, go…
Super #1.

#2 was begging for her picture to be taken. She’s been having a lot of rough nights (if anybody has any suggestions…we would love to hear them!)
Caught off guard.
And, enjoying the slide on a beautiful day.
And, my favorite so far! I actually took a really good picture. I did bump up the color a bit, but I couldn’t believe she posed for me!
I think she wants to eat me here!

And because she was so good (I know it’s bad)…she went to the potty at a restaurant, had no accidents and actually didn’t argue about the stroller…she got some brown ice cream. Why brown? Because that’s what she asked for of course!

Thanks for letting me share my cuties with you!

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  1. What two cuties you have!! I think Izzy is looking more like you everytime I see a new picture. And that picture, the poser one, is awesome!! Way to go Izzy for being a big good girl!!!

    Rough nights suggestion: What worked for us, just a suggestion and it may not work for u, we had to rock Kenley to sleep with the water running in the sink. Somehow the running water calmed her down and she was able to get some good rest. We also got a sound machine with the running water so that helped and bedtime bath stuff for her every night before bed. We had a sleep fighter so anything we could find to relax that fighter was a blessing. Good luck! Hope it gets better.

  2. So cute! Looks like she had a blast! I used to love going to the Marietta square 🙂

  3. Darling girls!!

    I love the one of her eating the brown ice cream – look yummy!! lol

    Aww, I’m sorry to hear she’s having rough nights. You can try lying her down on her belly and rubbing her back. I know it’s a big NO NO when they are young but mine preferred to nap belly down. You can try it. I hope it works. My 2 yr old just started sleeping through the night.

    Great pictures too!!

  4. Those pictures are so cute! She does look like she had a blast! And, poor N! Hopefully she’ll adjust soon!

  5. Beautiful pictures–I’m impressed with your photography skills! Good luck with Miss. N–I wish I had advice, but my guy has been a champion sleeper since he was 2 months old 🙂

  6. What cutie pies!!

    Rough night advice…we always play music! It always seems to work. I play Fisher Prices World Baby and I have a christian one (I’ll find out the name) that she really likes! She dozes off pretty quickly with that!

  7. That picture where you bumped up the color is awesome. You should enter that into one of those I heart faces contests some time…

  8. What great photos!!! Izzy looks super happy!!

    Rough night remedies?? Music always works and sometimes I let my son fall alseep with me in my bed and then transfer him to the crib, he loves sleeping on his tummy so maybe try that. Good luck!

  9. oh. my. goodness. Those pictures are all so cute I can’t decide which is my favorite! I love the motion shots. I’m so jealous of Izzy’s curls. Nat is just a little cherub…despite the nighttime woes. I can’t wait to keep them on Saturday!!

  10. You know BG is a much better kid when she doesn’t have a nap. She started outgrowing them a few months ago. If she has a nap she can be so cranky but if she skips the nap she is great all day.

  11. Aww, I love these pictures! Looks like a super fun day!

  12. those are amazing pictures! I love the jumping down the stairs ones. It looks like she is about to take flight!

  13. Awww…that one pic of Izzy with in the red train is SOOOOOOOO adorable…way to go on getting such a great photo! And as for Nat…you already know we have the same problem…but I tried something new these past few nights – something called Tum-Ease (you can also find it at health food stores). It’s just a natural mix of ginger and chamomille…and stuff that is supposed to be calming for the tummy…not sure if that’s what is helping, but it seems that every time I give it to Emily she sleeps SOOOO much better.

  14. Adorable! You must have been so excited when she actually posed 🙂 Great shot btw.

  15. blueviolet says:

    They are definitely cuties! What a great day you had that day!

    Sorry the littlest isn’t sleeping that well right now. I hope that changes soon!

  16. Sparkette says:

    Those are great pictures! Especially the posed one! 🙂 Great job!

    Good job Izzy for going potty! Way to go 🙂

  17. Cuties indeed! What a lovely day!

    Sorry about the sleep (or lack thereof) at night. I have no suggestions for you. You already know I had to let mine cry it out, and I know you tried that already. I’m at a loss. Good luck. 😉

  18. Wow… love the pictures! You should so submit the pictures to one of the cutest pictures and print it and frame it.

    Well, you probably can guess what my nighttime advice is…turn off the monitor and just let her cry it out (assuming she has been fed, changed and not sick). It is hard, hard, hard. It took Cassidy a few months (it was truly a couple of months of crying/moaning during nap and bedtime) to master sleeping, but now I have a great sleeper and bedtimer. Good luck….

  19. oh friend the pics are awesome!! especially the one where you amped up the color – total framer!!

    as for the nightime – i wish i had some tips, but remember you are my go to gal for that 🙂 currently we are living on motrin, benadryl and the humidifier.

    hoping you find the magic answer soon!

  20. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    hmmm….tips on sleeping….wait it out a few years? No, not what you wanted to hear? How about turning the monitor off so you don’t hear her? No, that won’t work then you will just feel like a bad mom. How about this: if she is fed, clean and not sick-there is nothing you can do but teach her what a bedtime is and what it means to stay put.

  21. Izzy’s smile is just the sweetest thing! She looks so bubbly and happy! Poor Nat…I don’t have any suggestions, but I’ll pray for y’all that it gets better!

    Love, Mere

  22. What a great post to read/view so early in the morn. Izzy has such a great spirit and an intoxicating smile. And it seems like Nat is your upcoming poser 🙂

  23. That is a great shot! and she looks like she’s having the time of her life! Very cute…

  24. That is a great picture!!
    The thing I would suggest for sleep is the Baby Whisperer book. It’s my bible!

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