The Birth of Cornelius


I recently received The Birth of Cornelius CD by Corneille.

I’m surprised to say that I really enjoy this CD. It is very easy to listen to and quite relaxing. And modern (with references to iPods). Even better? I could listen to it with the kiddos around because there wasn’t any cussing or swearing.

I would consider the sound a mixture of Lenny Kravitz and Marvin Gaye. Music you just listen to when you want to “chill.” (Do people even still use that word?)

Corneille was born to Rwandan parents in Germany. Soon after his birth, he and his family moved back to Rwanda. His entire family was killed in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994. He was able to escape and eventually made it to some family friends. What an amazing story for such an amazing artist.

This CD is already available for purchase from Motown Records.

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  1. And I have your button out there on my site too!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. I doubt the random pick thingy will pick one but I might as well try right? Music I listen to when Mags isn’t in the car – U2, Depeche Mode and the Subdudes. Sometimes even old (old old) Alanis Morrisette. That’s really the only on she wouldn’t be able to listen to with me as there are swear words. Poor girl hears talk radio now!!! The music sounds interesting!

  3. Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble are my faves, even though kids would be able to listen to most of their stuff. I love it!

  4. I have a random assortment on my iPod. I love me some Britney but I also like folksy stuff like Ari Hest.

  5. Oh, i’d love to hear this cd. I have another african artist, Johnny Clegg. who’s music I really enjoy.

    I enjoy listening to Hillsong as well. My kids like it too! I don’t really have anything that they can’t listen to.

  6. I’m going to be honest right now… no judgement please… when Caroline isn’t in the car, I listen to Lil Wayne. Some of his songs are just too funny. I also enjoy Jay-Z.

  7. Music that I love to listen to when kids aren’t around.. hmmmm well since my kids are 18 and 13… I usually listen to their music and I shouldn’t be around.. ha ha ha..

    I LOVE CONTEMP Christian music.. and I like the “harder” stuff…
    But the group that isn’t Christian that I do like is Linkin Park. I actually think their music has a bit of meaning to it.. and not the crap about “microwaving dogs.. and kissing girls.. and blah blah blah”…

  8. I follow… I believe… umm I hope.. GOSH.. I better check that out.. if NOT I will be!!

  9. Like many of these other brave women, I’m going to be quite honest too! I’m totally a rap girl. From old school to current. Seriously. Anything from Lil Wayne to…well, anyone! And, it’s definitely not kiddo-appropriate!

  10. but i also meant to say that i sneaked a listen over on amazon and he sounds lovely…

  11. uhm we are bad. since the day beans came in to the world she has been listening to snoop and fellow rap buddies…

    currently she loves ti’s you can have whatever you like 🙂

    see we r bad.

    but honestly we like it all – country, hootie, britney and my favorite norah jones. i guess we are eclectic?

  12. I heart Lilly Allen. When Husby and I have kids, I’m hiding all traces of her and only indulging in an iPod.

  13. I love to listen to my son play the piano — oh, that is kid oriented, so I think I just cheated! LOL!

  14. RachelAnn says:

    Well I already subscribe to that’s one!

  15. RachelAnn says:

    I have no kids to I listen to whatever I want lol….my current favorite is Missy Higgins

  16. I listen to my ipod playlist which has various music…everything from country, to my favorite christian music, to workout music. If I’m in the car, I usually just turn it to 104.7 or 98.5.

  17. I even buy plane tickets to come see you in real life!

  18. It’s Brittney B%t@h! What else would I listen to when kids aren’t around?

  19. And if I don’t win the cd I am going to pay and download it on i-tunes!

  20. And I have your button…I kinda want one of those…hint, hint:-)

  21. And I sure wish I could be in your ‘my loves’ area. I guess if I ask it’s not the same.

  22. I listen to mostly country music so it’s pretty kid friendly (for the times I have my cousins or friend’s kids in the car). I will turn on the top hits radio station from time-to-time and there are mostly censored lyrics (but they are still quite graphic at times!)

  23. I really like Panic at the Disco lately. Their last CD is fabulous.

  24. Just one type of music? Hmmmm…nope, can’t do it. I love country, pop, jazz, contemporary Christian, classical, rock, definitely 80s and 90s everything. I’m a big fan of the music. 🙂

  25. I listen to r&b;, pop, country, and rap. My kids listen right along…I know that is bad!!

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