The one where I ask for help


Mr. Serious is an awesome father (and husband) to our two girls (and me).

And, he’s done an awesome job getting healthy for himself and for us.

Look at that silhouette.  This weekend at a getaway at Callaway Gardens, he kept calling himself my “trophy husband!”

(Okay, so the exercise, weight loss and good health check have gone to his head.)

Mr. Serious in the trees

Anyways, here’s where I need help.

Father’s Day.  It’s in like 5 days.

I have absolutely no ideas (he says he wants clothes…lame).  #1 says we should get him “blue.”  And, then got distracted and didn’t give me any ideas.

Now, a couple stipulations.  Well, really, just one.  A tight budget.  Like under $50 (really it’s like $25).

Help!  What are your ideas?  What are you doing for the dad’s in your life?

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  1. I’m not a whole lotta help – seeing as I’m kinda stuck myself at the moment, ha!

    But I think taking a bunch of pictures of the kids enacting their favorite things about Dad – or a heroic story about dad… kinda like a book of charades – would be fun!

  2. Ugh LOL
    Josh didn’t do anything for me for mother’s day, so I am going to do something small for him. He needs new shoes, so that is his gift. Lame, I know.

    But I have been reading other blogs, and a one blog had a fun idea – have your girls decorate a picture frame for him and put a photo of him and the girls inside. Your girls are old enough to really get into this. Buy foam stickers to spell out “I (heart shape) Dad” or “#1 Dad” or whatever.

    Or you can buy a 11×14 frame, get a 5×7 of him & the girls and give the girls a 5×7 piece of cardstock. Then ask them to draw them and daddy or (even cheesier) get their hand print. Or their foot print (and then write “i’m already walking in your steps”) and put the photo and the cardsock in the frame.

    Good luck!!

    1. Yeah, it’s hard when they “forget” Mother’s Day, isn’t it?

      Those aren’t cheesy, those are cute ideas.

  3. It’s sort of lame, because it’s the same thing I got for Mother’s day, since Henry and Wyatt are in school that time, so they make gifts in school for them… so he’s getting the same love notes jar like I got.

    And maybe a gift card. Not to be horrible, but I didn’t get a present to open on Mother’s day, so I’m not really planning on wrapping something up for him. We just aren’t big on gifts 🙂

    1. I think that’s it for us..we aren’t big on the gifts, either. I think it’s more about the gestures.

  4. grandma Pat says:

    I donated to a mountain trail beautification charity. They send Grandpa a water bottle and note his name on a donation list.

    Make him breakfast in bed.

  5. i am with you…i need some ideas also! i think if i told him to go fishing for a day he would like that one!

    maybe…breakfast in bed, followed by some park time, and a nice homemade dinner followed by ice cream out? sounds like a day i would want…throw in a massage and we would be good to go!

    1. Yeah, I think letting them do their thing is good, or just making the day a little more extraordinary.

  6. Mr Serious says:

    If I had any not lame ideas, I would have told you already! I guess I shouldn’t read the comments, or that will spoil the surprise

  7. Sara Plays House says:

    Usually we don’t do real “gifts” on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. This is what we do–
    I’ll let him sleep in until whenever he wants on Sunday. Then we’ll give him cards. Then we MAY go up to Tellus to spend the day. Sunday evening, I’ll probably throw some big steaks on the grill. Sunday night after the girlies are in bed I’ll let him have COMPLETE control over the TV. Which means I’ll probably be watching Battlestar Gallactica.
    That is gift enough right there. 🙂

  8. ok so here is what i’m doing and it might work for ya’ll. i am going to have the boys form each of the letters for DAD and take a picture of them doing each letter and i have a frame with 3 spots and put the pictures together

  9. What’s his love language? Is it gifts? If so, get him what he’s asking for.

    If he really love quality time, schedule a date!

    If it is meaningful conversation, try to make sure that happens during the day (perhaps over a picnic or by taking a long walk).

    Or maybe dad needs some personal time. It’s a bit ironic to spend Father’s Day without your family, but I asked for a few hours by myself for Mother’s Day and it rocked SO HARD!

    Anyway, stuff is just stuff. My advice is to speak his love language, whatever that may be.

    1. We definitely aren’t stuff people….but I have no idea what his love language is…nor do I know what mine is!

      Could it be through his stomach? Because I’m sure it’s food:)

  10. That picture on your blog? Put it on a fun frame and write “I’m the king of the world!” and then a smaller caption: “And the greatest dad in the world too!” :-d

  11. I would just spend time together as a family!!! Cook his favorite dinner and spend the night together doing something fun!:)

    1. That’s what we ended up doing:) Works for both of us.

  12. mrs. hils says:

    I took new pictures of the boys. For work, he is getting a double picture frame made from a CD case because he is a music lover. I cut a white construction paper mat to fit each side of the case and let each of the boys write on/decorate the one for their picture. For home, because he is a huge reader, we made a bookmark with a picture of the boys together that they decorated. That will simply be laminated at Schoolbox. Easy peasy!

    1. Next year, we need to get together and do crafts in your fancy craft room.

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