The Spinner Helps with Family Netflix Time Decisions


Can you believe it’s been four years since the first binge? Meaning that you didn’t have to tune in at only a certain time of day to catch your show! Cartoons aren’t just for Saturday mornings, and Friday isn’t the only family movie night.

Thanks to Netflix, families are watching on their own schedule and terms. It turns out that 34% of Netflix viewers choose to start their day with the cheesy jokes of Fuller House as the sun rises. And while school may be out at night, learning is at an all-time high on Netflix with documentaries being watched 24% more often after midnight… surprisingly, my oldest two love to watch documentaries and specials on all of the animals.

No matter how your family watches throughout the day, Netflix puts you in control so anytime is prime time. Usually the kids Netflix after school or camp for an hour or two. Mr. Serious and I do adult show Netflixing after the kids are in bed. Sometimes, if they are watching a show, I’ll sneak away and watch a show of my own. But that happens so infrequently.

Netflix Family Watch Hack Spinner

With the power to program your favorite Netflix shows to your schedule, don’t let the fight over the remote take away valuable streaming time with the Netflix Spinner. Print and create your own spinner with the family and let fate decide what you’ll watch together next. Because sometimes, it’s easier to have and “outsider” help you pick the show to watch. With four kids, it’s rare they agree on something like this, so we will definitely be using the custom slots for the shows they like to watch.

Netflix Spinner Directions

Click on the images or right here to get the full PDF for you to print and create at home.

What are you currently streaming at home? I’m watching Orange is the New Black, Flaked and Master of None. And of course, going through The Office again!

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  1. Cute printable. I need an all kids version for when the kids are trying to pick.

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