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This was our first full week home for summer break. And, I’d say we did it with a bang. We were busy from start to finish and I think I need a week to recover. We went to the YMCA, the girls joined me in some classes (their choice), we had karate, went on some day time adventures and the little kids skipped naps every day (which might be leading to the exhaustion).

But, when you get an email late Friday night inviting your two oldest kids to come on the field and meet players at the Braves game and participate in a once-a-year event called the Cap Swap, you say the week continues and “let’s do this”. We even got there 30 minutes early!

Once we had our tickets and directions, the girls were headed with their group down to the field.

Cap Swap with the Braves and Mets

They were on the third base side and got to be on the field when the starting line-up was announced. They then met the players.

Cap Swap with the Braves and Mets

The oldest met with #13, Asdrubal Cabrera who asked her if she like baseball and if she played. And N met with #7, Jose Reyes who asked her what sports she liked and if she played baseball. It didn’t seem like their feelings were hurt that the girls aren’t currently ball players.

Cap Swap with the Braves and Mets

They were gifted with signed hats from the players! (What does one do with a signed professional baseball hat?)

Cap Swap with the Braves and MetsCap Swap with the Braves and Mets

While I was waiting for the girls to come out, B crashed hard. I made my way down to take some pictures and of the Mets players came and handed me a ball and said “it’s for her when she wakes up!” If that wasn’t the sweetest thing. And, it was totally unexpected. When she woke up and I told her, she gave the ball a big hug. It was the sweetest. So, thank you Mets player and I’m sorry I don’t know who you are, but we appreciate it!

Cap Swap with the Braves and Mets

After we collected the girls, and I walked a good bit with B in the shade, she woke up and we got a pretty darn good family shot! Shortly after we decided we can’t sit in the outfield for a day game. It’s just a little too hot and we got a little too cooked. Also, I need longer arms!

Braves versus Mets mommy and me monday

Oh, and the first 5000 kids got free bats and balls. Which might have also doubled as swords or light sabers on the way back to the car.

As we were leaving, B said she wanted to touch the giant bobblehead, so we had to go over and grab an all girls Mommy and Me Monday picture.

At the Braves Game

We made it to the fourth inning and caught the rest of the game in the car and at home. I’m thinking next time, we do another date night at the Braves game and just the adults go!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Pat Chance says:

    How fun for all of you. Very cool the girls got to talk with some of the players.

  2. Your girls seriously have the BEST experiences! I hope they know how lucky they are because most of us (kids and adults) don’t get red carpet style fun like them! What a neat experience!

    1. If you want to remind them I’m all for it! I try to tell them and remind them, but I think it might fall on deaf ears sometimes.

  3. Looks like a fun time even if you had to leave early. We struggled getting one child (the youngest) to a day game last year. Between nap time and traffic and parking fiascos, we arrived in the 6th inning! LOL That was a short game. 😉

    1. It was probably for the best. We’ve had parking fiasco’s too at the old stadium. We finally got there around the 4th inning one time.

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