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When I was pregnant and trying to devise my birth plan, a big part of it was listening to my hypnobirthing CD. Mr. Serious and I listened to it every night, sometimes I listened to it on loop when I had a hard time sleeping (he never had a hard time sleeping, what’s up with men and their ability to sleep any time and any place?). I digress. 

When we were discussing me being in labor and the drive to the hospital (because I didn’t want to get there too early), I knew I would want to listen to the relaxation part (by the way, I call it a CD, but I had the files on my phone). The problem? If the CD put Mr. Serious to sleep and relaxed him too much, driving would be out of the question. In fact, it even comes with a warning on it stating not to drive when operating a vehicle. So, I needed a solution.

Then it hit me, headphones. I could listen to my CD while Mr. Serious drove and I would be relaxed and he would keep us safe. The next problem? I’m not an ear bud person at all. They always fall out and the last thing I wanted was to be frustrated with those buds and the cords while I’m in labor. It was around this time that SOL republic contacted me and let me know about their brand new Tracks Air Wireless Headphones and offered to send me some. 

SOL republic tracks headphones review

I knew I could easily keep these headphones on in the birthing tub, in the car, and the hospital and no cords would get in the way, and I would be relaxed!

Of course, the birth didn’t quite end up like that (have you read our accidental home birth story?). And, I didn’t need a ride to the hospital. But, I have found many uses for the Tracks Air Wireless.

They were so incredibly easy to pair up using the bluetooth on my iPhone. I’ve had a hard time before with bluetooth pairing, but this was easy. I even tried to see if I could get it to work without the directions and I figured it out. Once they were synced up, I put them on my head and was amazed at the sound. Since I typically listened to things using the speakers on my phone, I heard sounds, beats and bass-lines I never even noticed in songs before.

They work up to 150-feet away from a device, have dual-device bluetooth connectivity and have a 15-hour battery life (seriously, I very infrequently have to charge them).

SOL republic tracks headphones review

They also seem to block out quite a bit of outside sound (not that we have any of that going on here) so that you get the best sound quality available. And, if you should happen to get a call, your headphones also have a microphone allowing you to take a call.

SOL republic tracks headphones review

I like that they have incorporated padding on the top underside of the band part. The headphones are a little heavier than what I would expect, so the cushion helps them to stay very comfortable on my head.

Now, instead of listening to music while I’m laboring, I use my headphones to watch a show on my phone or a tablet to keep from disturbing a sleeping baby! They will definitely be coming with us to Disneyland, although, I’m sure one of the little people will steal them for watching movies on the airplane.

I’ve been very happy with these wireless headphones as many others are as well!

You can purchase the SOL Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones at several retailers, or through Amazon.

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  1. These headphones look really nice! I didn’t even know wireless headphones existed, much less work 150-feet away from a device! Very neat!

    1. Isn’t technology great? It’s crazy..I never would have imagined something like this when I was a kid…now it’s all mine know!

  2. The 15 hour battery life of the Sol Republic headphones is a great feature. That’s the biggest problem I have with my wireless speaker. I may need to trade in my speaker for wireless headphones so I can listen to my music and the kids can play video games in the same room.

    1. They also make a wireless speaker….you should check it out! But, then again, headphones do help you enjoy what you want with your kids enjoying something else:)

  3. They look like they are very high quality! I would love to have these! 🙂

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