Live Clean Baby: eco-friendly baby bath products {Giveaway}


There is something about a clean smelling baby. Just a little whiff/sniff of them and you melt. Okay, just me?

Some of those smells are from nasty chemicals, but that is not the case with Live Clean (Baby). It is an eco-friendly line of baby bath products that uses only natural, non-irritating, and gentle plant based ingredients, which keeps it performing efficiently and while gently to keep baby looking, feeling and smelling their very best.

live clean baby review

Did I mention it smells divine? Even the big girls keep trying to steal up the bubble bath. But, we try to save it for her.

Live Clean Baby

From their site (because even though I’m a chemist, they say it better)!

Live Clean is proudly committed to providing products that contribute to a greener planet and, at the same time, preform at the highest level. Based on these criteria, their Tearless Shampoo & Wash and other products, use only natural, non-irritating, supremely gentle plant based ingredients, and have been formulated without many of the commonly used chemicals that are damaging to the environment. Live Clean Baby is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a common chemical surfactant used in most shampoos, as well as Diethanolamine (DEA), a common ingredient used for rich lather and viscosity building. Live Clean is also free of parabens (preservatives used to extend the shelf life of personal care products) and other harsh preservatives, as well as phthalates (chemicals commonly used to make fragrances last longer).

live clean baby review

In addition to smelling really great, it gets her clean, and doesn’t irritate her eczema. That is always a concern and there were no worries. The lotion goes on so smooth and I notice after a full nights’ sleep that her skin is still moisturized.

The bubble bath, tearless shampoo and wash and moisturizing baby lotion were definitely our favorites. I tested out the diaper cream one night when we had a little redness and it looked like a brand new bottom the next day. It is super thick, so I made sure to use a liner with our cloth diapers as I’m certain it’s not CD friendly. There is also a non-petroleum jelly and soap bars. 

Live Clean Baby formulations are made with a minimum of 98%* replenishable, renewable and sustainable natural and plant ingredients. It is vegan and uses no animal ingredients in the formulations. Additionally, it is cruelty-free; none of the products or their ingredients has been tested on animals. And the products are also free of phosphates, known contributors to water pollution.

They even take it a step further than just the contents; the containers are recyclable; they are made from “virgin” materials, making them far easier to recycle than many plastics. The shipping cartons are made from recycled materials and even the inks used on shipping cartons are safe for the environment. Local vendors are used to the maximum which cuts down on gas consumption and emissions thus reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Needless to say we have been very impressed with the Live Clean Baby Products. Compared to some other “natural” products (that aren’t even really) are more economical on the wallet, too.They retail for $7.99 each, and available exclusively at Walgreens &

*Products received to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Natalie Finch says:

    My favorite is the diaper ointment!

  2. Now that Baby S has started teething he is prone to diaper rashes, so I would love to try one of their diaper rash ointments.

  3. Dana Adams says:

    The soothing relief baby wash looks like something I’d love to try.

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the shampoo & wash

  5. The tearless shampoo & wash is my favorite.

  6. Tamara Sz says:

    I like the soothing relief baby wash best

  7. That sounds nice! I’m always on the hunt for something good for my kiddos skin (especially Avery’s with her skin issues) BUT that won’t kill my wallet. 😉 I may have to give this a shot!

  8. Jennifer Marie says:

    I think we would like the tearless shampoo & wash

  9. Heather S says:

    My favorite is the moisturizing baby bath

  10. Moisturizing baby bath

  11. Julie Ghrist says:

    My favorite is the baby shampoo and body wash

  12. I’d never heard of this product line before! I have been using Johnson & Johnson’s on my 5 week old just because the smell reminds me of being a little girl, but was thinking of switching to Burt’s Bees when our current bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s runs out. Maybe I’ll try this out instead! Thanks!

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