A little effort, please.


Our department workroom has two restrooms, one boy and one girl. Since we only have 5 minutes between classes, we often use which ever one is open (boy or girl, but we’ll use the appropriate one as a first choice). However, the men constantly leave the seat up in the woman’s restroom. I’ve walked in right after one of them and ask them to put the seat down, to which they respond that it takes more energy to put the seat up which they had to do when they walked it. Ugh! You are using the women’s restroom, not the men’s! I can’t win…I’ve tried. So, my retaliation? Leaving the seat down in the men’s room.

While I’ve venting, the men also tell me that women’s restrooms are nastier than men’s. To which I completely disagree. I’ve never walked into a women’s restroom and smelled that smell, you know what I’m talking about. And men? They miss the toilet all the time. Pee on the floor, down the front of the bowl, etc. Gross. So, men, listen up, you will never win that argument with me. Your bathrooms are nastier. They always will be!

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  1. So true…so true!! No, I didnt take that picture…just saw it and it reminded me of spring! Its not really spring here yet either, but I’m convinced we only have fall and summer here anyways! lol The weather has been beautiful the last few days!!

  2. Eeewwwwww! Men’s bathrooms are ALWAYS more gross. It’s just the way the world is. Yuck!

    I’m cracking up at you leaving their seat down though! Hahaha! Nice one! Exactly what I would do 🙂

  3. haha – couldnt have put it better!! nice revenge : )

  4. Take it from a woman who’s lived with a lot of men (as in brothers, father, husband and children) and NONE of them have good aim. What is up with that anyway??

  5. yep, men’s restrooms are always nasty! ick!

    funny post. visiting from Elaine’s PPP!

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