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Mamalicious Monday-What was she thinking?


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When my first daughter was born, my husband immediately said “let the hypocrisy begin.” Seriously, like a minute after she was born (of course the midwife and nurse thought this was absolutely hilarious).

And, as she has grown, I’m sad to admit, I am in total agreement.

I think back to all of the things that my mom let me do, and I wonder what the heck she was thinking.

How in the world did I convince her to let me drive her car? And, not only drive her car, but without my license and without her in the car? I just had my permit. The one where you were supposed to have an adult in the car with you. Yep, for several months, I drove my mom to her aerobics class, and then took her car to work. Sometimes, I drove myself home after work, too.

Yes, that was illegal. And, so incredibly stupid. I was lucky to have never been caught or in an accident.

And, I wonder, what was she thinking? I’m glad she let me do it because I was working at 15 and had no other way to get to work. But, will my child do this? Heck no. Of course not!

What was she thinking when she let me stay the night at my boyfriend’s (now hubby’s) house in high school? Seriously? Do I really need to say more? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Or, maybe naive?

In the end, I have no idea what she was thinking. Maybe she was trying to be the cool mom? Or maybe, I had less freedoms than her. I don’t know. I’m not going to ask.

So, yes, when my daughter was born, so was the hypocrisy. And, she will have fewer freedoms than I ever had. I’m sure it will continue to pass down the generations, too.

Looking back, I wonder how many of us can think of things that our parents did and question them now? And wonder what they were thinking?

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  1. I begged my parents to let me drive two streets over to babysitting job when I was 15 and they wouldn’t let me do it! Libby may not get to drive until she is married. (If we ever let her date!)

  2. I love this POST! OO How I love it! I had so many restrictions growing UP that they strangled me! I rebelled and rebelled and What was she thinking by not letting me stay out all night on PROM? What was she thinking about refusing to let me spend the weekend camping with my boyfriends family? The list goes on and on but then it hit me one day…years later after I put two and two together…infact after I was Married to my first husband…MY PARENTS GOT PREGGO with ME while she was in High School…I found their Marriage Certificate and confronted them…What was she thinking?????

    sorry that got wordy! but a different perspective there.

  3. LOL….hilarious! Let's just say I plan to learn from the mistakes my Mom & Dad made with me….I had WAY too much freedom & trust. My poor children will have none!! 😉

  4. P.S. Thanks for the giveaway….I’m excited about it!
    And, I’m such a nerd! I just entered a contest of yours that already ended…sorry about that!!! LOL….

  5. Wow, my parents wouldn’t even let me have my boyfriend in my room with the door closed. Seriously, if I tried it, two seconds later it was open again and my Mom was strolling in the room pretending to check something. “Oh, I’m just making sure you have enough clean socks..” was one excuse…

  6. Too funny! My parents had the no boys in the bedroom rule and would never have considered letting me go over to their houses, supervised or not. My brothers had wayyy more freedoms that I did and now that I have both boys and girls I can understand their rules better. This was hilarious though! I can totally see your husband saying that too!

  7. Girl…I feel the SAME way! I look back at my mom, and she let me do ALL kinds of stuff! (driving, sleeping at boyfriends, ect!)
    I think its great to be “semi cool”, but no way will I let Landon do half the things I did in high school!! Great post!!

  8. I think my parents mostly did a phenomenal job but there are a few things I have certainly questioned since becoming a parent myself.

  9. I think about this all the time. My daughter is now 4 and I am already gearing up for the teen years. I got away with more than I should have and thanks to my avid journalling during that time, its all fresh in my mind. I am preparing myself for what she may encounter.

    But like you said, she will have fewer freedoms than I had. Guaranteed.

  10. Considering my mother never let me do ANYTHING, I don’t think I have anything to be hypocritical about. Now, Tim on the other hand…haha! Yes, definitely!

    Look at you breakin’ all those rules! 😉

  11. This post was too funny!! And, I agree with you. My parents let me get away with some pretty stupid stuff & I can't believe it! My {future} kids won't get away with anything…

  12. Wow! Your mom sure let you do a lot of stuff!!!!!!!

  13. I am sure when i have children that i will be 100% hypocritical 🙂 It will be fun though 🙂 ha

  14. HELLOOOOO! I was ALWAYS in more trouble than you and doing bad things. Mom trusted you, you didn’t do anything wrong. She did kind of give us too much freedom, but we turned out ok I think.

  15. Geez, my parents were the complete opposite – they were SO strict. I had to lie about going on vacation with my boyfriend alone (now husband)….and I was 31!

  16. My parents were over protective. When I met the hubs he said I lived in a bubble…now that I have kids I understand why they were so protective.

  17. So, you’re prepared to be the “not cool” mom, right? Oh, I’m just kidding of course!

    But yeah, your mom did let you do a lot of stuff that I can totally understand if you did not go along with… ; )

  18. That is so funny that you will be more strict than your mom! I wonder if that is typical?
    I always thought my mom was SO strict with me. And now I realize I will be just like her. Hahahaha my kids are so not going to like me

  19. I think a lot of kids should have more rules… I really do. It would eliminate lots of issues. I have lot of young kids in my life, and you’re so right…they do grow fast!

    Love, Mere

  20. I think a lot of kids should have more rules… I really do. It would eliminate lots of issues. I have lot of young kids in my life, and you’re so right…they do grow fast!

    Love, Mere

  21. I think a lot of kids should have more rules… I really do. It would eliminate lots of issues. I have lot of young kids in my life, and you’re so right…they do grow fast!

    Love, Mere

  22. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I hope I grow, with my children to become the trusting person my mom was. I won’t be as lenient, that’s for sure. But to trust my kids whole heartily would be great.

  23. I use to be jealous of popele like you. I wasn’t even allowed to be in the same house with my boyfriend (now husband) if my parents weren’t home.
    My parents would let me drive around the yard. I thought that was pretty cool. But streets, not so much.
    Anyway, your parents did a fabulous job raising you. You will do a fabulous job with your girls too.

  24. my mom was so strict that I kept saying “I will never be like this with my child!” It was so annoying… try having a curfew of 1:00am while I was 22!! wasnt allowed to watch The Simpsons (yes even in HS!), couldn’t go out after the dances (had to go straight home!), and so many more… she always said that I would be different with my children… time will tell… but I really dont think I will be as strict as she was, but I dont think I will be as easy going as I used to think I would be…

  25. but I would also like to add.. if you are too strict, like my mom was, it adds many more problems because I would lie a lot to her… then if I got caught I would have to re-build the trust… it was an on-going circle… I hope I can find that happy medium with my children…

  26. My mom was like that as well. She wanted me to be her best friend. I also got to sleep over my boyfriends, although she was under the impression that it wasn’t in the same bed (hey, my one and only high school rebellion). I’m glad she did it, but it really could have gone wrong. I think these kind of freedoms go really wrong, but also be good. It depends on the child really and how they can handle responsibility. It may not be fair, but if I have more then one kid, I will grant their freedoms based on whether or not I think they will abuse it. Then if they accept their responsibilities, the more freedoms they will get.

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