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This week was one of those weeks that flew by. Somehow the days went on and life happened and it’s Monday again.

Friday, the oldest and her team traveled out of state to a meet. I joined another parent on the team to drive to see the race and sleep closer so there wasn’t a 5:30am wake up and drive.

Oh, and we left just about an hour after Mr. Serious got home from a trip out to the west coast and N went to a birthday party.

Naturally, there are zero pictures of the oldest and I at said race Saturday morning. Or the entire trip for myself. (Thankfully, there are tons from the mom-arazzis that traveled with the team).

I went to bed early Saturday night and still slept later than I have in a long time. Mr. Serious and I had planned to get a run in with E and N at 9am, but that got gently pushed back to 10am. It did help that it had warmed up a bit by then, too.

Having that extra hour in the morning meant I had a little more time to lounge and ended up with a B on my lap. She likes to take silly pictures. And I mostly oblige.

silly b and mommy mommy and me monday

Then, it was off for our run.

Mr. Serious and N ran together and E and I ran together. There was a lot of encouraging. And some frustration on both of our parts, but we got the run done.

When we finished, we need a bit of a break, so I walked for half the neighborhood and she did her stretches.

Then we were able to join back up on the lawn for a rest for a bit.

Yes, Fall is in Atlanta!

post-run laying in the grass with e mommy and me monday

E and N have one more race and it’s this weekend and a big one. The oldest has several more races….then we might have a few weekends free. But, let’s be realistic. Something will pop up and keep us all on our toes.

What did you do this week?

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