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These two have been hanging with me for the past two weeks while the big two go to school. E has been asking why she can’t go to school and see her teachers everyday. Thankfully, they get along pretty well!

Back to school companions

{funny story, B is supposed to be on the same side as E, but her sisters let her in and she locked herself in. Then, she saw that her sister had water, so she kept signing and yelling for water until her sister helped her!}

With all of the anticipation on their part (okay and maybe mine), I didn’t even take pictures of them on their first day of preschool this year. There’s many more first days, right?

Thankfully, they both had great first days. They weren’t upset when I left them and they were happy to see me when I picked them up. Double bonus. And yes, I did miss them. After all, it was the first time I had ever left B anywhere but home (and not stayed in the same building as her).

When we got home, they were both so tired, they went straight for naps. But when they woke up, there were cuddles and more kisses and pictures (because nothing like a selfie to distract a meltdown!)

Kisses for the first week of moms morning out

E woke up ready to face the afternoon. And, loves making silly faces for pictures!

Take my picture

I’m glad they had a great first week and that they are learning even more. Here’s to a great second week.

What were you up to this weekend?

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  1. That is great that they both like preschool!

    Love that pic of big sister sharing her drink. <3

  2. Awe, the Littles are so sweet! So glad they had a good first day at school. Meltdown? No way. That face is too happy to ever be upset.

  3. Aww. So sweet. I’m glad the transition went so smoothly! 🙂

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