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I grew up going to church. I don’t remember much of it when I was little, but I know I was baptized (I’ve seen pictures). Around middle school, we didn’t go very often and weren’t given many opportunities to do all of the youth things. One of which that I missed was Confirmation (I think this is solely a Methodist thing where you confirm yourself in 8th grade). Having missed that, I missed a lot of the how’s and why’s of Communion. 

We want our girls to experience all of it and understand they why’s of it all (as long as they want to). Starting young, our children’s director has a “bread and juice” class to teach the kids all about Communion in a very kid-friendly, yet full-of-truth way. (I might have learned some things, too!) Parents were meant to stay with their kids for this class. 

We learned that we receive communion, we don’t take it. And when receiving it, we place our hands in the shape of a cross. 

receiving the elements

We also learned that Mr. Welch (of Welch’s grape juice) made grape juice because he wanted an alternative to drinking wine with Communion. I had heard this via a rumor once, but thought it was one of those made up “facts.” 

We learned that Jesus said at the Last Supper, “Eat this and remember me.” Then, “Drink this and remember me.” There was a reading about Communion and of course learning about the different ways we can participate in Communion. This was followed by trying a couple different ways. 

Then the kiddos made a little paper challis and wafer craft complete with a picture of Jesus (which we learned was commissioned by the US so that all soldiers could have a picture of Jesus with them…which explains why Jesus looks very caucasian!)

bread and juice class

When they were finished with their class, they got a certificate and we asked our 11 year old to grab pictures for us. A silly face picture is always requested. 

silly b and mommy

What did you do this week?

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