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B asked me to come to a cartwheel with her. Being up for the challenge, I said sure. I went to do it in the living room, and smartly, she suggested we do out to the garage. “We’ll have more room, mommy.”

mommy and me monday ready to cartwheel with b

It has been an hot minute since I’ve done a cartwheel. I feel like my last attempt resulted in an injury, but I still went for it. 

I tried to remember everything I learned in gymnastics. Square your shoulders forward. Point my toes.

In my head all of those things were happening and I executed the most beautiful cartwheel in the history of cartwheels. 

Except, I’m remembering now this isn’t a cartwheel, but I don’t remember why. Something about the arms or the feet?

mommy and me monday starting the cartwheel

Oddly, B leads with her left foot and does all kinds of twisting. 

The middle of the ‘wheels action shots are hilarious, but also, not within my comfort zone of sharing (quite a vulnerable angle). 

But, trust us, we did them!

And, then had a celebratory “high-10” because yay, we did it!

high 10 with b mommy and me monday

Please note her excitement and how high she jumped. 

I don’t always say yes. And, likely there are more nos than yeses. But, sometimes I surprise them. 

And so far, I’m still not hurting from it!

What did you do this week?

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