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As we get closer and closer to Christmas, I feel like the days and weeks fly by. We do Christmas concerts, choir performances, band concerts, extra practices, gatherings and more. It’s nice to be with people and doing things, but I wonder why we squish it in all year? Maybe we could start having St. Patrick’s day performances? Can we do like a holiday per grade or something? 

This past week I went to three choir performances, had appointments, had dinner guests, took kids to rehearsals, watched two basketball games and I’m not sure what else. 

Oh, we went to iFly and did some indoor skydiving. Read more about our flight and why we think iFly is a one of the ultimate experience gifts you can give! Also, we might have a thing with making silly faces….what’s extra funny is usually B is the one making a silly face when we aren’t doing silly faces, but this time, she didn’t get the message. 

silly faces at ifly

Having never made it to this famous light display, we decided to do a drive through on the way home from iFly. We didn’t realize you could just drive through and ended up at the paid parking area to walk around. Everybody was pretty tired (and maybe somebody was a little hangry after not eating their dinner), but we made the best of it. 

I stopped several times to offer to take family pictures with one parent not included and was a little surprised nobody offered to reciprocate. I finally asked a family if I could take their picture and they would do ours. It definitely worked out for the best as I can tell looking at the picture, this mom boosted the brightness on the screen and made sure to get the light right on our faces. 

christmas light viewing

Despite the busy and the crazy, there’s no other people I’d rather do it all with….but next time, I’m making sure I have more purse snacks!

What did you do this week?

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