“No Name” My Listen To Your Mother Reading in Atlanta


One of my goals this year was to “put on my big girl panties” and put myself out there more, whether on stage, presenting or just posting more real and raw content. So when I saw that Listen to Your Mother was looking for people to audition, I jumped right in.

Except, no, I didn’t. I hemmed and hawed and went back and forth and picked an audition spot on the last day possible.

Then I had NO idea what I wanted to read. What story would I tell. Initially, I thought I would share my accidental (aka unplanned unassisted) home birth story. But after asking around, it wasn’t quite what LTYM was all about (but, really, how can I not tell a story where a firefighter walks into our house, sees the pictures on the walls and says “hey, haven’t we been here before?”

I thought about it some more. Maybe I could write a series of funny things the kids said. Then I realized I didn’t write them down and would have to make them up? 

I asked some family members if they had read anything memorable of mine. In the back of my head, I think I knew what it was, but I asked. Every.Single.One.Of.Them got back to me and said I needed to tell the story of our loss

I couldn’t do it. How could I read that story out loud? In front of strangers? Multiple times (auditions, and rehearsals). I’m not strong enough for that, I thought. 

But, I made a goal. And, it needed to be shared. (Why, why, WHY is it so taboo to talk about? We need all the love and support we can get. So much grief and so little understanding!

So, I did it. I shared it. Because it’s not only my story, but the story of so many other women and families every single day. 

You can check out the video here!

Listen to your mother atlanta

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and more importantly, the friends that I’ve made, all of my sisters in motherhood!

Listen to your mother Atlanta

Make sure you check out the entire Listen To Your Mother Atlanta show. Raivon Lee’s story on post-partum depression is real and raw and Kayla Aimee’s story will have you nodding your head in agreement the entire time!


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  1. You’re so brave, I wouldn’t have been able to hold it together up there reading that touching story. Hugs.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I was induced and delivered my son less than 3 weeks ago after he had no heartbeat at the 16 week check up. It was the most difficult experience of my life. I have found secondary infertility and miscarriage to be incredibly isolating, so I very much appreciate hearing others share their stories because I feel less alone. You are a strong lady to get up and share your story!

  3. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    So brave! You did an amazing job!

  4. I was there to see this live and proudly said “she’s MY friend!” The whole show was amazing. Congrats again!

  5. That was amazing. You are so brave. I am so thankful that you read that piece and that you also posted it here. You will help so many people with this video. Not only will it help women who have gone through a miscarriage but it will help others to understand how much of a loss a miscarriage is. I think many people just don’t get it. This inside look is bold and brave and honest and open. It will help.
    Thank you!

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