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After back and forth and hemming and hawing and trying to weight all of the pros and cons for our family, we decided to let our youngest two kids go back to school face-to-face. We are happy with what our district and school is doing to keep the girls, faculty and safe as safe as possible. 

Our knew thought process is “calculated risks.” And we just hope our calculated risks are the right ones. Ultimately, there wasn’t a good or easy decision. 

So, we walked to school, gave the girls hugs and kisses, masked them up and sent them into school. Admittedly, there was quite a barfy feeling walking away without them. This was especially hard after walking almost every day this school year, and turning around and coming home. And maybe my eyes leaked a little. 

The house was eerily quiet with just the oldest two home.

So, when I walked back up to the school to get them in the afternoon, we were all pretty happy to see each other. (I was also told “You are late, you are late” in a sing-songy voice, but she wasn’t mad!)

Once home, I asked them to come sit with me…and then we snapped a picture. 

back home after f2f

If you’ve been around for all of like .2 seconds or more, you know that B is quite the ham, too! So they insisted on a silly picture.

home after f2f with my girls

I guess I obliged!


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