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Happy 11th birthday to our E!

mommy and me monday birthday lunch with e

How are you already in your last year of elementary school? You’ve got Beta Club, Chorus, Science Olympiad, Cross Country and Track keeping you busy and yet you still read several books a week!

Your favorite? Warrior Cats! You can’t get enough and have even started your own fan fiction book with friends.

You were actually excited for me to bring you lunch (sushi, please) and to share cookies with your target class.

(And B got to sneak in a belated birthday lunch because, ooops, those holiday birthdays are so easy to forget about lunches when school goes back!)

mommy and me monday birthday lunch with b

You picked meatballs for dinner this year despite us offering to go out or pick something up. You are always keeping us on our toes!

happy 11th birthday e

You’ve been planning your requested cake for a while now, and N really came through! Blue velvet with cream cheese frosting and to be Jayfeather with his stick.

e 11th birthday with cake

How about a close up of your cake?

e 11th birthday cake warrior cat

You were very excited to see the final product (we had to keep you out of the kitchen and then hide it) and happy for all of us to have some cake too!

mommy and me monday family picture e 11th birthday

This year has already gone too quickly and we are so proud of the kiddo that you are and the young lady you are becoming!

Happy 11!!

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