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This week was the kids’ February winter break. Usually we do something fun during this break because many places aren’t nearly as crowded as December break. We’ve been to Houston, Mexico and Disney World during the break.

It’s typically a fun time to travel. But, thanks to our global situation, we did it super low key and stayed home. (After all of the ice and snow and no electrical or water in Houston, we are thankful it wasn’t a year we planned to go to Houston….we’ve actually been swimming in Houston on the February break previously.)

Despite being able to sleep in, with no schedule, everybody woke up pretty early Monday morning so E could open her presents. (B couldn’t handle seeing all of the LOLs and not being right in the middle of things…and I was needed to help with those little plastic tags.)

e opening gifts

E and N had been planning this Minecraft grass block cake for months! The plan never really changed either. It was a chocolate cake with rows of chocolate and peanut butter buttercream alternating. Then chocolate and vanilla fondant were colored and mixed to make the pixels on the outside. 

happy birthday e with minecraft cake

Thankfully, she shared her cake with the family…all week long! We even sent some to a friend’s house because this is so much cake!

And our perfected using the window ledge as a tripod family picture. We’ve gotten pretty good at it!

family picture happy birthday e Happy 9th birthday to our Minecraft, Pokemon, and book loving rainbow baby!

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What did you do this week?

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