The curse of the shower head


Our shower head broke. This is the second one in 2.5 years (but the first was just awful and ugly). So, now we are on number three.
Because of the budget, we were going for cheap economical and green!
Mr. Serious picked out this one that was supposed to have a lot of power but use a little water.
I was skeptical, but he put it up and took a shower.
He liked it, so I figured it could work.
I turned the water on and immediately noticed it was like a drizzle. Hello, I have hair to wash!
Then, I got in. It sprayed me!
Now, I know you are thinking I should just adjust it, right?
Not so much. It was already aiming as low as it would go.
And, I couldn’t move away from it because we have one of those small square master bath showers. I needed to be on the other side of the wall for it to hit me below my face.
So, I couldn’t get away from it!
Then, because it is such a short “concentrated” stream, it only got my face wet (well, my hair when I turned around). This pretty much made it impossible to clean any other parts. Wait, rephrase that, it made it fine to clean, but impossible to rinse!
A shower isn’t very effective if you hair still has shampoo in it and your feet are still soapy (not to mention any other body parts).
I got out of the shower, immediately went downstairs and said “I’m almost willing to brave Black Friday to take this back.”
Mr. Serious was surprised, but okay.
I reminded him I said “almost!”
Today, we took the shower head back and got a new one.
I need to take a shower.
I’m scared.



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  1. Can't wait to hear about the newer shower head and how it worked. Hope you like it. Nothing worse then getting hit in the face with the water or having your face be the only warm spot and your body cold!

  2. well – how's the new one?? worth the extra pennies??

    ps – nothing is worse than a low flow stream…for real! the soap never comes off!

  3. Mrs. Serious said the new shower head is a success! Izzy will be bummed because she likes the faucet/showerhead aisle at Home Depot and really strains the "one finger touch" rule.

  4. We went through a couple too in the past two years. Finally I got smart and got one with a hose. Love that thing when I am washing my daughters hair.

  5. I am a HUGE shower head connisuer. If it isn't perfect, I come out of the shower grumpy. I have really thick long hair and am only 5' 2". If it doesn't move to stay out of my face and if it doesn't have a lot of power, I am not a happy camper!! I totally understand where you're coming from! I hope your showering experience was more pleasant this evening!

    Love, Mere

  6. Should've gotten one of the ones that mount, but can be handheld too! Great for those square little showers; rinses all the places the overheads just can't reach.

  7. There is nothing worse than a drizzly shower! We have a detachable shower head and I love it!! I never have soapy toes!

  8. Keep us posted on this saga…I'm totally laughing. Although you looked clean and soap-free at church! We got one of those removable shower heads a few years ago. I was worried about it since it's a low pressure, low flow one but it rocks. I'm sure it was cheap too since Alex picked it out.

  9. Yikes! My parents have one of those and it feels like pin needles on your body it's so harsh! I hate taking a shower there. I say hurry up the shower and get a regular one and save money that way! ;o)

  10. I stayed at a hotel like that once. ONCE.

    A good shower is essential to start the day!

  11. NOTHING worse than an F'd up shower. Seriously. Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  12. a great shower head is one of those simple things in life. UGH!

  13. My shower head (that was $86 at Home Depot) was FREE!!!!! Not my fault the manager doesn't know how to scan items. I honestly didn't realize it until I left because I had purchase over $250 in kitchen cabinet handles.

  14. Ever see the Seinfeld episode with the low flow showerhead? IMO,I think low flow only works if you are bald.

  15. Oh, nothing can put me in a bad mood quicker than a bad shower. It just ruins your day or night!

    Let us know how the new one works!

  16. Eeek! That's one of those things you may have to bend on. Everyone deserves a decent shower. Yikes! Did you take it back? What did you get in it's place?

  17. Yikes! Not really "Green" if it doesn't take anything off and you have to spend extra time running the water is it?

    I so would have returned it immediately as well! Here's to number 4 being the charm!

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