10+ Reasons to stay at Dollywood Resort: DreamMore


I recently took a trip to Pigeon Forge. It had been a while since I had been to the city and the area. This time I was able to go and explore without kids. On my trip, I was hosted at the Dollywood Resort called DreamMore in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The resort opened in July of 2015. It really is a great resort with a ton reasons to stay there, not to mention the gorgeous location.

Dollywood Resort: DreamMore

So many reasons that I narrowed them down to just over 10 and thus, present you with Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort.

10 Reasons to stay at the Dollywood Resort:DreamMore

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

1. The quiet entrance with free parking.

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

Pulling into the property, you can see the attention to detail and how beautiful it is. It’s a nice quiet entrance into the resort where you can do valet parking, stop under a huge cover and bring your bags in or just park in the parking lot. For free! I never realized how much I would appreciate free parking, but it saves a ton! There is plenty of space for your car and the parking lot isn’t a crazy maze you would get lost in.

2. The lobby

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

The moving picture window greets you at the desk. Also, there are people there to check you in that aren’t stuck behind a counter. They can come out and talk to you. It really changes the tone of the entrance. Plus, just look at those mountains. To the right, you also have a nice sitting area and a view overlooking the outdoor pool.

The greeters were all so friendly and nice. They took care of us as quickly as possible and were always there to answer questions later (like where should we go if we want to grab an adult beverage after the restaurant had closed).

3. The location

The Dollywood DreamMore resort is adjacent to both the Dollywood theme park and Dollywood’s Splash Country waterpark. In fact, you can actually see part of the waterpark from the resort. It is located on Veteran’s Boulevard making it close to pretty much everything including a handful of attractions, restaurants including many dining options and stores. You could pretty much hop in a car and arrive here and be close enough to any retail establishment to buy everything you need. Check out so many things to do at Dollywood and the area of Pigeon Forge, TN.

Oh, and it’s in the Great Smoky Mountains and the views are just as you would expect! Because if you haven’t been, they are amazing. And, yes,

4. The amenities

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

There is an indoor pool and outdoor pool, a full-service restaurant (with ALL of the delicious food), DreamMore Pantry (with sandwiches, salads, drinks, ice cream, snacks and coffee), a conference center, storytelling spots, fire pits (where you can roast s’mores), a fitness center and the spa (more on that below!)

5. The Rooms

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

I stayed in a  room with a king bed with bunks. How fun is that? My girls got a kick out of seeing it and they are excited to return back to stay in them. Additionally, there are extended suites, double queen rooms, king rooms with sofa sleepers, reunion suits which link adjoining rooms and Dolly Parton’s celebrity suite (they show you the inside of it on the TV in the room…it’s nothing short of amazing). The room has a small fridge, coffee maker, TV, desk and more.

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

The colors in the bathroom were fun and I appreciated that there was a door to both the bathroom area and then another door to the actual potty. With a lot of people in our family, we need to be able to use all parts of the bathroom. It was also nice that they have full-sized shampoo, conditioner and body wash right in the shower for you. So, save your space in your luggage!

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

7. Great play areas

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

They didn’t leave out the kids. There is a great outdoor play area, a fun indoor play area for downtime with the kids and crafts and a game room (aka family activities centers). There is also a heated indoor pool.

With the theme park and waterpark nearby you might be wondering why this is so good. Our kids need a little break and downtime from the crazy. Or they might need to get out of the room while their sisters nap. It’s nice to have a place we can take them where they can do kid things without worrying about it not being a kid-friendly space.

When our kids visited with us, they played on this the entire time we were outside. They kept running, jumping and sliding around.

8. The Spa

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

I’m not really sure this needs much elaboration. Because SPA!. This is a full spa! Their spa service includes do manicures, pedicures, hair, massage and more. It’s a full-service spa. And, I’m only slightly upset that I wasn’t there long enough to take advantage of a service. I mean, look at the view outside the spa windows.

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

They have single massage rooms and also rooms for two for couples. And that room has a huge shower in it too! It’s all kinds of amazing! I will be back for that!

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

9. The perks

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

In addition to the free parking, you also get to take advantage os special park privileges including free transportation to both parks (on your own special shuttle bus). That shuttle bus takes you to a separate entrance to the park that grants you front-of-the-line access at Dollywood!

You also have free access to a TimeSaver. These are $25 per person if you purchase the use of them inside the park, but completely free if you are staying at the resort. This allows you to schedule your times on many of the rides making your waits much shorter or nonexistent. We just strapped ours onto our backpacks or purses and quickly pulled them up to schedule our times. Read more about other park perks and packages and why staying at Dollywood’s DreamMore resort is a win.

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

10. Send it back

If you purchase something in the park, there is no need to carry it around all day. They will get your room information and get it back to your room for you without you having to lug it around.

11. Dining options at Dollywood Resort: DreamMore

There are a handful of options to fill your belly. You can go to the full restaurant Song and Hearth: A Southern eatery. You will definitely get your fill of the south’s finest via breakfast buffet or diner buffet. Should you want to eat while pool side, you can grab a meal and experience pool side dining.

If you plan on being on the go, or just want a quick bite, you can grab something at the DM pantry (psst…this is where they serve Starbucks coffee for those early-risers as well as their famous cinnamon bread. You can also pick up a baked to-go pizza to make things simple. An added bonus is the hand scooped ice cream they serve.

Should you want to grab an adult beverage or want to enjoy snacks, meals, and after-dinner drinks check out the Lounge at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort. Friends and family are welcome here.

12. Free Wifi

It almost goes without saying that resorts these days have free wifi, but I sill find myself checking to verify that they have it. Thankfully, the Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort allows you to use their free wifi while you are staying on the property.

13. What about Dolly herself?

When you pull around the parking lot, you’ll actually see where Dolly’s RV parks when she visits. And, I was told there’s quite the penthouse-style room for her when she’s there.  Who wouldn’t love to stay in that suite? You can get a glimpse of it on the in-room TV as I mentioned above.

14. Fireworks

Dollywood puts on a great fireworks show, but summer nights are hot and late. You might have spent all day in the park and you are looking for respite. BUT, you don’t want to miss the great fireworks show. Of course you could jump on the trolley and head back to the park. Or, you could grab a s’mores kit and get to roasting, let the kids play on the play ground, or just relax and wait for the show to start from the comfort of your resort.

There are many reasons to stay “on property” at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort. This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many other perks. If you are planning on being in the area, I highly recommend having a stay here! In fact, after this trip, we made sure to make a visit back with the family and they are definitely wanting to go back again.

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  1. That TimeSaver privilege makes a stay at this beautiful resort an incredible VALUE! We love it there! Great post!

  2. pat chance says:

    sounds like a great place for a family vacation

  3. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    Great reasons for staying at Dollywood’s DreamMore!

  4. The pictures of Dollywood Dreammore are great. It looks like an awesome place for a family to vacation.

  5. Tracie Cooper says:

    My hubby and I are planning a trip to Pigeon Forge this fall and I would love to stay at this resort!

  6. Is the handheld timesaver a new thing? We went last Jan. and stayed there and I would have loved this. All we knew about was going to the lobby area and setting up reservations for shows. We are considering going back in Sept, so would appreciate any info you have . Thanks! Great article by the way!

    1. They aren’t new and have been around for a couple years. I reached out to my contact to verify they are still there and was told the TimeSavers are still around and are included with each resort stay. They are specific to Dollywood (not the water park) and guests can pick them up at concierge before they leave the resort!

      Hope that helps and you enjoy your trip!

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