The last time I ran


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

Back in April, I was asking you guys to cheer me on. Because I had a 2 mile run at Disney and I had to keep a 13 minute mile pace. I needed tips because I couldn’t do it (even though, I was the lightest I had ever been. I’m a terrible runner). But after “training” for a couple weeks, I was finally able to break that 13 minute mile pace.

I was successful a couple more times before the “big” run at Disney. What I didn’t tell you? I had literally just found out I was pregnant. Which made it that much harder, but I went out and did my interval run-walk every other day at least. By the time we got to Disney, the run was actually pretty easy (even though we were up and running before 6am!)

I stayed with the interval group until the last two minutes because it actually seemed like we were going slow, and finished the race under 26 minutes.


{Picture provided by Disney. The curse of the closed eyes strikes again}

And then? I didn’t run again.

Why? Because I’m pregnant and exhausted.  Oh, and it’s hot too.

But, what I have to keep doing and what I’ve been trying to do is go for a walk in the evenings when I have the time and the energy. It’s not every day and it’s nothing intense, but it’s getting me moving and helping with soreness and leg pain.

It dawned on me after returning from Disney that the shoes I was wearing weren’t going to cut it any more. The insoles were in terrible condition and they were just worn out. Did you know you should replace your tennis shoes at least every 6 months? Yeah, these were at least a year old.

So, I headed out to Famous Footwear to get some new ones during their Back to School sales*. I was searching for Reeboks which aren’t carried in all stores, but after the second visit, I was able to find some super cute ones that also happened to be on sale.

#Reebokmom shoes at Famous Footwear

Not only do I love a good sale (I got these buy one get one half off and 20% off), but I love a shoe that is comfortable and lightweight. They have great arch support. I like to feel the arch support in my shoes and prefer to to be a little on the higher side, which these definitely have.

#Reebok mom staying fit while pregnant

It’s amazing how lightweight they are and yet still supportive. Shoes have come a long way!

*Buy One Get One 1/2 off with the Famous Footwear Back To School sale. Rewards members take an extra 20% off. Non-members take 15% off. Print your coupon to shop in-store.

Thank you to Mom Central and Famous Footwear for providing the gift card. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Those are really cute. We tried to find some Reeboks for me at a couple different stores but they were sold out. We ended up getting a pair for my hubby that he really likes. They are lightweight too!

    1. I bet he was excited about the bonus shoes, too. Our store only had like 3 styles to chose from.

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Love the photo of you running and your story of completing the race. Also love those shoes! Fantastic colour and I really like Reebok running shoes – must see if they have that style in my area.

    1. Hopefully, they do. I’ve seen a couple other people that got them.

  3. I love those sneakers. But I don’t think that even they would have gotten me to exercise when I was pregnant. I did not feel well during either one of my pregnancies.

    1. The first 14 weeks, I wanted nothing to do with it. I still can’t believe I “trained” and did the run.

  4. Footwear is so important when exercising but even more so when pregnant! I hope this helps keep your aching feet safe!

  5. Those are so cute shoes.

    I hear you on the it being hot. It is unreal how stifling it is lately. The last thing I want to do is go outside for anything.

  6. I’d love to hear how they work for you running! I recently bought a pair of Reeboks for running and haven’t taken them out yet, I’m still using my old shoes.

    1. I don’t think I’ll be running again for a while. They seem like they would be good for it, though.

      I’m bad about getting new shoes and then not wanting to wear them. Take those bad boys out and put them to use!

  7. Just reading “exercising while pregnant” made me groan, I was too sick and too exhausted to do anything more than walk from one room to the next. You’re right though, you have to wear good shoes!

  8. Good job! I’m dying to get back to running or any type of physical activity. I ran up to my 8th month of pregnancy, though got some strange looks for it! I’m down for the count with a stress fracture and torn ligaments around my ankle and after a month+ recovery time, I am still limping at times. Stinks!

    1. That’s impressive. I did those aerobics classes with my first two (taught) until like the very end.

      Those ankle ligament injuries are the worst.

  9. Cute! I almost bought that pair myself, but I went with a similar style instead.

    1. The other pair I considered were very similar as well, just a little pricier:)

  10. Those look like great shoes! I need a new pair of running shoes (well, for walking, though!) so I will definitely check out Famous Footwear!

  11. cute shoes.. i have been drawn to the bight colors lately too 🙂

  12. A good pair of shoes makes a TON of difference. At least for me! And great job on the run! 😀

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