Family trips = happy family


Vacation. I think that word only applies when you are traveling with people who can pack their own suitcases (with the right things) and go off on their own adventures. Meaning adults. Or almost adults. Except some adults aren’t capable of either.


What I’m trying to say is this, vacation is not what you are doing when you get in the car or on a plane or a bus or a train with 4 kids 7 and under. Or 1 kid, or any number of kids. No. That’s a family trip.

It’s basically taking all of the things you have to have, living without a lot of the things you wish you had and getting a lot less sleep. But, the fun and the learning very much outweighs these things (I have to remind myself).

As I sit here writing (instead of packing), I find myself getting more excited about our trip to Florida! I admit, that wasn’t always the case. And, I think it’s ironic, but the more kids we have, the more I feel the pull to get up and go and make memories together.

6 reasons we take family trips.

1. We take away the distractions and let loose.

dancing in the street.JPG

2. We get to meet fun people.

meeting mary poppins

3. We minimize our stuff.Yes, I know, this might not seem minimal. But, with 4 kids and only one other suitcase for them, I think it is.

all the packing

4. We unplug.


5. We have many learning opportunities.


6. We spend time together.


7. We make memories.

carsland memories

So as we pack our suitcases yet again for another family trip, I’m excited and happy for the new adventure, the learning and the fun. But, if somebody wants to plan a vacation for me, I won’t complain!!

What is bringing you happiness these days?

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  1. I sure hope a certain someone in my family unplugs and let’s lose. I am really excited as well, just hope this stomach bug Logan has and the congestion bug the Hubs has is miraculously gone tomorrow. Definitely using my oils this afternoon and evening.

  2. We are always in the process of planning our next trip. It is harder than staying out at home, but always worth it. Have fun! Sneak in 10 mins to yourself if you can.

  3. Lura Staffanson says:

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    [* WordPress Simple Firewall plugin marked this comment as “spam” because: Human SPAM filter found “my blog” in “comment_content”. *]
    Have a great trip…. all of your suggestions are good ones. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Hugs, Grammy Lura

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    they look so young in those pictures, yet that trip wasn’t that long ago.
    it is though we travel way less (almost none at all) now than before broxton.
    (It gets expensive with 4 kids — and they are considered “adults” at 13, so that means only 1 kid priced!)

  5. We just went to the waterpark last week and took a trip to the downtown fruit market with the family. Just being outside and enjoying the weather is our way to get closer as a family.

  6. This is awesome! We have 3 kids ages 3 and under. We didn’t get to go camping this summer. I’ll admit, I’m kinda bummed. But we have still been trying to make memories. By the way, I have to say that I think you did great packing minimalist for that many little people!

  7. Mary Happymommy says:

    We’re going on vacation in September and we really live for those moments. Those are memories our children will cherish forever.

  8. This is a great! We just got back from a three day Gettysburg, Lancaster, and Hershey trip. And, although my boys are 10, 14 and 16, they had a great time. In fact, they dropped the teenage personality and stepped back into being kids. Unplugged, away from teenage social life and time to be simply who they are- young and silly. Love this post!

  9. Aww, such a sweet post. 🙂 Sometimes it does seem like more trouble than it’s worth to go on a family “vacation,” but the memories really are more than worth it!!

  10. We just took a vacation to the beach in Florida and it was great! My grandsons had so much fun getting out an exploring and seeing new things!

  11. Natalie F says:

    I’m pretty impressed that for your family you only packed that much. I suggest a blog post on tips for packing light with a family? We pack about the same amount for two kids.
    We take family trips for the same reason. I love your note about it not really being vacation. 🙂

    1. I think I might have worded it a little funny…there was one other suitcase for the kiddos:) And, then there was a small case for the hubby and myself. Wait, maybe we shared one. I don’t remember. I think we still did pretty well, though! I’ll have to work on a post. After that packing trip, we drove to Houston and then this most recent trip to Orlando, so I’m getting better! We used almost all of our clothes and almost all of our snacks!

      1. Natalie F says:

        I probably read it wrong, as I’ve had very little sleep the last few days. I love my little ones but they keep me up. 🙂 I’ve just embraced that we are in a season of life where “packing light” is not so light. I try to make myself and kids repeat clothes (like sweatshirts) and jeans can be worn twice, but yeah, it doesn’t help much.

  12. who doesn’t like family trips? especially to disneyland!!! every kid loves a good trip!! 🙂 lovely pictures xoxo

  13. Agreed. It is a family trip, not a vacation. I’m not sure moms get to go on vacation unless they leave the whole family at home, but then you have the whole being worried and feeling guilty thing.

  14. Loved, loved reading about your family trip and great reasons why you take them! We are planning a family trip with our entire family soon. We cannot wait!! When my husband complains about what it’s going to cost…I’ll share some of these good reasons why we need to take the plunge!

  15. Jennifer Marie says:

    My boys and watching them play soccer is making me happy. I really love vacations though too. My kids are always talking about our vacation times which really makes me happy.

  16. shelly peterson says:

    As crazy as it can be traveling with little ones it sure can be fun too and what great experiences for your kids get. Love the pics.

  17. It’s been too long since our last vacation. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

  18. love family road trips. Always a good time and you get to see the countryside. Taste different foods and its almost like an adventure. Setting aside time can be difficult but so worth it

  19. Stephanie Brown says:

    You sure are right! Most of my good memories from my childhood involve me and my family travelling. That’s why I want to share the same experience with me kids too.

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