Remember when I said I was a changed momma? Because I totally am. Look at that face. I could kiss it all day.

How could I not have had headbands and bows for #1? #2 looks so cute in them. Mr. Serious did say adorable (however, he also said it was not his fault if a bee landed on their heads). And, we got so many compliments at church.

Even with a mess on her face and her tray, she looks precious.

And, my little flapper! It totally brings out her curls.

I had been looking for crocheted headbands and flowers for a while now (well, since I discovered my new love for them) and found them. They are so cute I can’t stand it. And, they are sewn together very well, too.


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  1. What darling pictures! Both girls are so cute. I love the hair bands with flowers. I wish they had had those when my girls were little.

    Krystyn would you please hop over to my blog and vote on my blog poll. I need your blog support. Thanks dear. Have a good week.

  2. Oh my goodness, DARLING! Of course. With kids as cute as yours…wel…adorable.

  3. these are awesome… another reason to wish i had a girl… perhaps i could wear them?

  4. so so precious!!!!
    love it!! They look adorable!
    I've made princess a few flower clips for her big girl hair and I wish that I'd made them back in the day when she was tiny 😉

  5. Mr. Serious' comment is hilarious!

    I love the brown and pink color combo in the hat.

  6. Love the headbands but don't understand her website…is there a place to see the colors offered?

  7. MamabearMills says:

    iwant white or black please

  8. MamabearMills says:

    got your button up

  9. MamabearMills says:

    ive tech faved you

  10. zoE would look adorable in one, however, Leroy would attack her/it more than he already does. Awesome, cute, fab, trendy, girly, pink, fun giveaway, but I am not worthy. Congrats to who wins and I hope the enjoy!

  11. I LOVE how your little ones look in them!! Seriously adorable, honey!

    If I were so lucky to win…I would want a white band and a dark pink flower. Just perfect for miss Madelyn's clothes hanging up for her 🙂

    Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  12. Oh those are too cute!! I would LOVE to dress up a baby girlie!!

  13. They look SO stinkin' adorable in those headbands! I love the crocheted head band part so much!

  14. The white one is so cute!

  15. I would choose white and white. CUTE!

  16. I would love to get a white headband with a light green or hot pink flower

  17. Ok, ever since I saw Nat wearing that headband I have totally loved it. And then I saw it somewhere else (not telling where!) and decided I had to have one for Melody. I think I would do a white/cream band with a pink flower. (Does Melody even wear colors that aren't white and pink?! lol).

  18. this is me, not technically entering, bc i swear woman i never win anything from you!

    ok that's a lie. i won your friendship 🙂

    how bout that?? a little mama sap?? does that count as a good entry?

  19. ps – i'd pick purple. bc that's beans favorite color. and she thinks everything is the color purple.

  20. since everything my girls own is pink, I am thinking a pink headband and a white flower.

  21. lindsey@junkstyle says:

    I wanna win one 🙂 I have a daughter N as well who would love the brown headband with the bink flower and a baby, Ruby, who would be so stricking in it as well!

  22. Satsuki Rebel says:

    I'd try for a black headband with a pink flower.

  23. MNMSpecial says:

    I don't know how you could choose just one color, but I like the bright blue with a light colored flower, maybe white.

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