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I cut it off-MM


No, not my hair (well, I did chop it off quite a bit).

I’m talking about a sandwich and it’s crust.

#1 is not a picky eater, and until recently she would eat the entire sandwich.

I guess she learned yet another fabulous trick at school. She learned she didn’t need to eat the crust.

Now when she gets a sandwich, (cut into triangles of course) she eats 2 bites of the triangle and then gets too close to the crust. It’s terribly annoying.

And, I promised I would never do this.

But, Saturday, when making her PB&J; I *gasp* cut the crust off of her sandwich. Mr. Serious about had a heart attack.

Know what? She ate three whole triangles of that sandwich. Before, when the crust was attached, she probably ate 1/4th of the sandwich total.

Now without the crust? She ate almost the whole thing.

And this mom? Will now be de-crusting her little Princesses sandwiches for a while.

She’ll learn to appreciate the crust again one day, right?


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  1. K does this too!! Too funny! Have a great Monday!

  2. Awesome on the no-crust sandwiches. Now you can get those fun-shape cutout things and she’ll probably eat the WHOLE sandwich. 🙂

  3. Heh. Here we cut them with cookie cutters. And don’t think for a minute that both kids ever agree on the same shape. The things we end up doing…

  4. I totally can understand………….My feelings exactly. Luckily TigerBoy doesn’t seem to mind the crust. Maybe I’ll have to keep him out of school! lol…..

    Actually Arnold (brand of bread) has these sandwich things that are round. They are great for sandwiches and basically don’t have a crust per se. They work fabulously for grilled cheese. 1 slice of cheese in the middle (I usually also put a bit of butter too) and a few minutes in the toaster oven, and voila, grilled cheese!

  5. The trick is – you spread the PB&J; all the way to the end of the bread so that when you cut off th ecrust you (or the hubby) can eat the crusts and actually get a bit of lunch too! Ha ha!

  6. I said the same thing with Jack…and then I did the same thing. Rest assured, he will now eat crust again. And bonus, since Melody wants to be just like her brother, she’s also happy to eat crust.

  7. Hah, you wouldn’t let grandma cut them off but it’s ok for mommy to. She’ll learn to eat the crust, you and Emily did.

  8. I do the same, they eat way more that way…

  9. Bryan and I had a revelation about this since we started making bread. Crust is just extra carbs, extra calories and really not the “healthiest part” of the sandwich (as our grandmothers would have us to believe.) We both thought about it and started laughing because we were like IT’S TRUE! When I think in those terms, I don’t feel bad taking it off. I tell myself I’m saving my chublets some calories. ;oD

  10. One of my sisters picked up this no-crust trait and my parents thought they’d beat her to the punch and buy crustless bread. Needless to say, she wouldn’t eat the outsides of the crustless bread either. hee hee.

  11. We hit those days too.

    Now, I use giant cookie cutters and it makes me feel less like a pushover and more like a creative cutesy mom 😉 heh

  12. Are crusts really that bad? I finally started cutting my girls sandwiches in cute shapes and then i eat the crust for my lunch. 🙂

  13. Of course she’ll like them again one day!!!

    Secretly…I still don’t eat mine…but most of the time i do!! 🙂

  14. Both of my sons will not eat the crust. Can you believe you can by bread at the store without the crust??! I have not done this yet!!
    Have a great week. Debbie will be back in her blogging groove soon. It’s been nice chatting with you!

  15. I am afraid that Carter will be learning about this soon too. We were at Walmart last night and they had a cool sandwich cutter that would de-crust the sandwich and make it into either hearts of dinosaurs.

    I guess whatever it takes to get them to eat their food!

  16. That is hilarious!!
    I was the SAME way w/ Landon! He still doesnt like the crust, but he knows now just to eat what he wants and thrown his crust away!
    I I cut it off, I end up eating it and just adding more calories to my diet! lol
    It took a couple years though! So there is hope!

  17. That seems like a good deal if you ask me! Whatever will help her eat MORE!

  18. Hahaha I will probably do this one day too!! At least it gets her to eat more of it!! 🙂

  19. I’ve been cutting crusts for a while. Just wait until she learns more… it’s lovely, I tell you. I swear my kids were good eaters. I blame their new habits on old friends of theirs.

  20. I have a new found appreciation for crusts and moms who take the time to cut them off.

  21. Ha! My boys all went through that phase too. But I am a mean mom and make them eat all of the sandwich or they get nothing else. No fruit (that is a big bargaining tool at our house) or cheese, or treats. Worked like a charm! 😉

  22. You know, I’m still not a big crust fan myself. I usually leave about half of it. But Ben, he LOVES it!

    And of course it’s okay to cut it off if she eats more that way.

  23. shhh don’t tell, but i still can’t eat the crusty corners!!

    it’s like eating the second piece of the loaf – and you know how i feel about that!!

  24. I had a friend in elementary school who absolutely refused to eat the crust too. I didn’t understand it, until I tried it and liked it too. But now, I just eat the whole thing. Oh well! That’s cute of her though! What a princess!

    Love, Mere

  25. Sparkette says:

    Funny that you post this. My son does not eat the crust. So this weekend we were at a kitchen store and he found a crust cutter offer. His words yes. So for a $1.49 we got one 🙂

    And have no fear…my daughter did the same for awhile and now “I love the crusts mom” 🙂

  26. Mrs. Realife says:

    LOL! This is funny… If it’s at all comforting, at 31, I finally eat the crust again ;0)

  27. You know, I hated crust when I was a kid and to be honest, I still don’t like the crust on most breads (some I like). 🙂

  28. Haha…a good part of parenting is discovering what works and doing it…. good for you.

    She will probably grow out of the crustless bread stage before too long.Meanwhile…you could butter and toast the crusts in the oven and then dip them in something good acting like it is a special treat that you love. It might give her a new appreciation for crusts.

    Have a great day…and Izzy…enjoy your PB and J.

  29. I got this nifty little thing a Walmart that you can cut the sandwich with that cuts it into shapes and cuts the crust off at the same time. I have one that cuts out two dinosaurs and another one that cuts it into two hearts. the only thing leftover is the crust. Yucky.

  30. Austin went through the same thing and I caved and started cutting the crust off. But….I feed the crust to Mia who happily eats it, so no waste.

  31. Forget the crust, my son started disliking BREAD years ago. Nothing like throwing the traditional lunch options out the window *wink*

  32. I make a meal out of the crusts I cut off of Caroline’s sandwich! Ha!

  33. Yeah the crust thing baffled me. MY son the same thing…if the crust is gone he will eat all of the sandwich on his plate! So we cut off the crusts. KROGER and PUBLIX have little crust cutters in the aisles and I have a few. MY boys LOVE the ones with animals shapes. FOR SCHOOL we pack the SMUCKERS PB&J; round sandwiches with NO crusts. THE KIDS LOVE THOSE THINGS. THEY COME IN GRAPE, STRAWBERRY OR HONEY….check them out in Walmart.

  34. Tip- Cut off the crust before you slather on the PB&J.; Save the crusts in a freezer bag and you can us them for stuffing, or to go feed ducks. I am sure you already thought of this, and I know your freezer is full of white gold…but it's just my little tip from TX!

  35. There are certainly worse things you could do. De-crust away with my blessing. 🙂

  36. I guess I am one of those mean Mommies.;) Our motto is you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

    Yes, she will eat the crust again. After all, how many sandwich shops offer menu items followed by “and we will take the crusts off at no charge”

  37. I too swore I would never do the “horrible” act of the cutting of the crust, but alas, I do…and you’re right – they eat more of the sandwich when you do it, rather than them eating around it! And surely, they WILL eat crust one day….but who cares if they don’t – there are bigger fish to fry. 🙂

  38. Once upon a time I said never too. Now I use cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes. Seriously, anything for them to actually EAT!

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