I feel like my best friends moved out


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Years ago, I remember trying to watch The Office when it was on TV. I know I have previously seen several episodes (there are 9 seasons after all), but I couldn’t get into it.

This past fall, Mr. Serious and I decided it would be the next show we watched on Netflix. It was our nightly date.

Jim pam dinner

And I’m so glad. We watched almost all of the shows together. Yes, all 9 seasons. In a row. From start to finish. Most of the time, a couple episodes at a time. Yes, we binge watched because we couldn’t get enough of them.

Office jim

There were so many memorable things that happened throughout the 9 seasons, when it came to the finale, I felt like school ended, and it was time for my BFF to move home.

Goodbyes bitch jim

What am I going to do with myself without Michael Scott

Everybody Dance now

because the writers…how did they even write him? 

Michaelscott bankruptcy

and Creed…because Creed? He’s hilarious in his own sneaky little way…

Crazy Creed dog food

and Dwight and Jim and all of the office pranks…

Jim dwight

and Pam…

Pam beach games

and Jim and Pam…because yes, I cried watching their wedding…and well, all the other times too…

then and now Jim pam kisses

and everybody else in my living room every day!

There are so many favorite moments it’s impossible to pick a favorite. And so many emotions. It’s silly, it’s awkward, it’s hilarious and heartwarming. I think I might have to put it up there as my favorite show. 

If you haven’t watched The Office, do yourself a favor and put it on your list!

If you have watched it, what is your favorite episode/scene? If not, what are you waiting for?


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  1. I watched The Office sporadically but I always enjoyed it when I watched it. Netflix makes it so hard with so many great old favorites and the new shows they have. It’s so hard to figure out what to binge watch.

  2. YES! I KNOW!!!!!
    LOVE. Love it all.
    The look on Pam’s face after Jim asks her out is just PERFECTION. So good.

  3. This may be a good maternity leave show for me! I was going to start back with Homeland but it’s SO intense and not the best to watch during a 2 am feeding then try to go back to sleep.

    1. It definitely is as long as you can stiffle a laugh when you are up at 2am.

  4. I felt the same way when we finished watching 30Rock. I hated that it was over, and we binged that one, too. Maybe I’ll pick up the office while I’m on maternity leave. After all, I’ll have some recovering time to fill!

    1. I haven’t even seen a full episode of 30Rock..maybe I need to try that one next:)

  5. This is one of those shows I was never able to get into – I think because I tried jumping in at the middle. I feel this way about Pars and Rec right now – like I’m in mourning because I’ve finally caught up and now it’s over.

    1. I think it’s funny out of context, but really good in order, so definitely give it a try.

      I haven’t watched many Parks and Rec, so I should add that to my list!

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